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Le Figaro: the Lesson of Putin’s cowardly democracies

Ivan Rioufol

The prejudice that causes Vladimir Putin, cannot detract from the fact that due to the preliminary Russian air force strikes on ISIS positions in the Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad managed to release Palmyra, writes Le Figaro columnist Ivan Rioufol. «The Russians retired from the field, after making possible the liberation of the ancient city, emerged victorious from this symbolic operation. Among the liberators was not the US nor their French allies, it talks about their weakness. From Putin’s strategy should learn a simple lesson: only force can prevail over the Islamist ideology that respects only the language of force,» writes Rioufol.

Of course, Putin confuses the rigidity of the sophists, always ready to speculate on the ignorance of the Qur’an, moderate Islamism or the newfangled concept of «quietists Salafism», recognizes the browser. «Russian does not choose expressions, to denote the anti-Christian enemy and defeat him. When françois Hollande talks about the destruction of ISIL (banned in Russia organization. — Approx. ed.), he is so unconvincing that it overwhelm the thunder and lightning of the «Islamic state», promising the Apocalypse and keep a promise. After minutes of silence and candles in memory of the victims at the Republic square is not to eliminate the soldiers of the Quran which are both in Syria and in France. Them against brutal repression,» — emphasizes the publication.

According to the author, the West is so used to «anti-Christian hatred» that the murder of 29 children by Islamists in Pakistan’s Lahore has not caused much indignation in France. «This demonstrates the numbness liberal democracies: they see victims only in the Muslim minority on their own land, they are not concerned about the suffering of Christians in Islamic lands,» writes Rioufol.

«Among the cowardly cries of «run for your life» is only one Putin, — says the publication. — Although his autocratic power is not sympathetic, he at least has a clear who his enemies are and how to deal with them. If he did not support the heinous Assad, religious minorities, Christians and Yazidis, were destroyed or expelled from Syria. If he alone attacked the Islamists, who were spared Barack Obama and incoherence of French diplomacy under the leadership of Laurent Fabius, Palmyra would not be saved. The confrontation of Russians Salafist totalitarianism elevates this country, remain committed to their roots, lost her mind over and surrender to democracies. Given their moral teachings — just an excuse to give up. But the losers don’t write history».

The revival of Russia should be an example for the revival of France, which have so far prevented the logged-on practice of lies and deceit. «When the elite is indulging in hypocrisy, they cannot claim to teach democracy yokels who find the courage to call a spade a spade and do not shirk from meeting with the reality of an Islamist offensive,» says the Explorer.

Le Figaro: the Lesson of Putin’s cowardly democracies 01.04.2016

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