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Le Huffington Post: Mistakes of the West in the Syrian unsightly affair

Fabrizio Cicchitto

In the current situation in Syria are fortifying their positions Assad and ISIL, while the rebels are destroyed, writes Fabrizio Cicchitto in an article published in the newspaper Le Huffington Post.

«Assad, of course, the main culprit in the catastrophe, which caused the deaths of 300 thousand people and nearly 5 million refugees. However, as in Iraq, to the emergence of ISIS has also led to the mistakes the U.S. and the West in General,» the author writes.

Ciccitto recalls that the first Syrian revolution was secular, it was attended by the representatives of the poor, thousands of soldiers, representatives of the middle class. The United States and Europe ignored this revolution.

It is because of this revolutionary process was introduced jihadism, and subsequently born and has spread grouping «Islamic state», writes the author. «And when Obama intervened in connection with the use by Assad of chemical weapons, the stage was won by the Russians and Iran who support Assad. Turkey, for its part, was to allow anyone, including foreign fighters to infiltrate Syria, destabilizing the Assad regime. Meanwhile reinforced its position, Putin’s Russia, which operates, recovering its Imperial role, from Ukraine to the Middle East,» the article says.

«Russia’s actions are characterized by cruelty and brutality — continues Ciccitto: — it bombed the rebels, associated with the United States and Sunni Arab countries on the civilian population, and to a small extent, on the LIH. And at that time, as began in Geneva peace talks on Syria, Assad and Hizbullah, with the support of the Russian bombers attack Aleppo, and other areas where ISIL, but the rebels, whose representatives arrived at the talks in Geneva. The situation in Aleppo was to negotiate some kind of short circuit. Unfortunately, the UN in the person of de Mistura was unable to create the conditions for genuine negotiations».

In other words, the tragedy continues and may lead to two devastating consequences: in Syria strengthens positions of Assad and the ISIL, and other rebel groups are destroyed, and those outside Syria the influx of refugees leads to the destabilization of the situation in Europe, the author writes.

Le Huffington Post: Mistakes of the West in the Syrian unsightly affair 05.02.2016

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