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Le Monde: Attack in nice: a plan matured for a few months, had several accomplices

Weed / West

«Muhammad Laoag Bouhlel that the evening of July 14 killed in 84 nice person, not impulsive was the lone assassin: apparently, he hatched a plan a few months and took advantage of the aid of accomplices,» announced at a press conference on Thursday, July 21, the Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molen. «Five suspects in aiding and abetting the perpetrator in the preparation of the murders — none of them previously have not attracted the attention of the security services — on Thursday evening, charged with criminal terrorist conspiracy,» the article says Le Monde. Three of them, Ramzi A., a Tunisian Frenchman of 21 years, a native of nice, Shokri S., 37-year-old Tunisian from Sousse, Mohamed Walid, a 40-year-old Tunisian Frenchman, also charged with complicity to murder in connection with terrorist activities.

According to the newspaper, July 14, at about 17:00 the killer recorded on my phone voice mail: «Shokri and his friends are ready for the next month, they are now at Walid. «At 22:27, a quarter of an hour before the attack, he sent a TEXT message to Ramzi A.: «Wanted to tell you that the gun you brought me yesterday, is excellent, so we’ll take your buddy five. It’s for Shokry and his friends.» As the correspondent of Le Monde, the consequence does not exclude that we are talking about the supply of new guns for a new attack planned for the next month.

«Analysis of the killer’s phone from nice has allowed to establish that for several months preceding the crime, he was in close contact with Mohamed Walid, whom I had known for 15 years. Both, apparently, shared sympathy for the cause of jihadists — reports / West. In particular, three days after the attack on Charlie Hebdo Mohamed Walid G. sent future murderer SMS with the words «I am not Charlie», and the phone Bulela police found several photographs, dated 11 and 13 July 2016, where two men posed in truck used for a terrorist attack.

«In the beginning of 2016 the transition form to the action of the killer from nice, apparently, undecided. April 4, Shokri S. sent him a message on Facebook: «Load up the truck, get back 2,000 tons of iron and hit hem he brake, my friend, and I’ll see», — reported in the publication Le Monde. According to surveillance cameras, two days before the attack the author of this message was strolling near future killer truck driver on the promenade des Anglais.

«The investigation must now focus on establishing whether planned Muhammad Laoag Bouhlel, the defendants or other related supporters «to buy other weapons, and if so, for what purpose,» said Francois Molins. It should also verify whether there was communication, «to date, not yet established between anyone of the suspects and the organization «Islamic state» that has claimed responsibility for the attack», — reported in the publication.


Le Monde: Attack in nice: a plan matured for a few months, had several accomplices 22.07.2016

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