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Le Monde: Dangerous Alliance between the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia

In his review, Christophe Ayad, head of the international Department of Le Monde, recalls that three countries, United by hatred of the Iranian regime seeking to reduce its influence in the middle East.

Barely a defeat of the organization «Islamic state» as dormant conflicts in the middle East – or, rather, departed on the second plan at the time of the rise and fall of the jihadist project began to Wake up, the article says.

First it was the national claims of the Kurds of Iraq, quickly suppressed, in anticipation of the well-known fate prepared for their brethren in Syria. And most importantly, it is a latent conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two major regional powers, which ultimately became the embodiment of a common vague and misleading definition of «war between Sunnis and Shiites,» the author says.

This flame began to ignite at the instigation of the United States, when President Donald trump in mid-October announced the unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal in July 2015 between the great powers (USA, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding its controversial nuclear program, says Ayad.

In the current reorganization of the Middle East emerges unheard of before the axis between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States, United by their common hatred of the Iranian regime and the desire to reduce its impact on the region, the observer continues.

For a long time, Barack Obama tried to exhort their Saudi and Israeli allies, or rather ignored their concerns. But after coming to the White house Donald trump and lightning-fast ascent of a young Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the situation changed dramatically, the article says.

Since January, Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of an American President constantly goes back and forth between Jerusalem and Riyadh (and also in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates). Judging by the leaked information about his tour, he is working on the implementation of the old Israeli dream: to bring together Arabs – at least from the monarchies of the Persian Gulf – with Israel, according to Ayad.

Israel needs to find new friends: Egypt and Jordan signed peace agreements, but remain at the stage of «cold peace» because of the extremely hostile public opinion in these countries. But the power of the Persian Gulf went on a slow rapprochement with Israel after 2002 became aware of the existence of Iran’s advanced nuclear programme, says columnist.

This tectonic movement has long remained a slow and covert, has accelerated with the coming to power in the Persian Gulf the new generation, without regard for taboos of their predecessors. The leader of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman and the crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, do not burden themselves with the «sacred matter» of the Palestinian people. They are engrossed in thinking about Iran, like Israel, who understood perfectly that the Arabs are easy to divide – they are willing to do it themselves, as in the recent Qatari diplomatic crisis, says the author.

A little while, and this new Alliance will emerge to the surface. The Alliance between the US, Israel and Persian Gulf countries would be unprecedented combination of military and technological power, financial capital and energy. In the background he opposes the Russian-Iranian-Turkish axis looks pale: the army are numerous, but the technology is outdated, the economy bled white, strategic interests are different, says Ayad.

Le Monde: Dangerous Alliance between the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia 09.11.2017

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