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Le Monde: the Rejection of trivialization of anti-Semitism

On Wednesday in Paris held a mass March against anti-Semitism in memory of Mireille Knol’. Urgent shake-up of French society, said in an editorial Le Monde.

«How could this happen? Or as we once again found ourselves where increasingly the voice of anti-Semitism, because we had to believe that he eradicated the history and millions of victims of the Holocaust? As we returned to that old disgusting and vile hatred that is not satisfied obscurantist prejudice, and proceeds to insult, aggression, and henceforth killing French citizens because they are Jews? How did we get to the point that today we have to state the trivialization of evil and unacceptable to go outside to speak out against the assault on France?» – writes the edition.

Justice will say its word about the anti-Semitic motives that led to the murder in his own apartment, 85-year-old Parisian, I Knol’, which managed to elude the dragnet of «vel d Eve» in 1942, when she was a child. However, the list of murders, the motive of which leaves no doubt, it’s getting depressing that the journalists point.

The most tragic examples is not able to mask the usual trivialization of anti-Semitism, domestic abuse, abusive graffiti in the stairwells or on Jewish stores, hostile unions, physical attacks, ostracism in schools, continue the authors.

Although the Council of Jewish communities of France (CRIF) has not added honor his desire to exclude from participation in a March against anti-Semitism, marine Le pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon, on Wednesday 28 March in Paris held a rally of people who came to honor the memory of Mireille Knol’, which indicates the positive growth of consciousness, the article says.

Public authorities must devote themselves to continuous struggle against all kinds of racism – particularly anti-Semitism. The Prime Minister on 19 March announced the adoption of appropriate measures aimed at legislative regulation in France and Europe, duties and responsibilities of digital platforms that allow viral dissemination of anti-Semitic threats. These measures also include strengthening preventive and educational work carried out by the state education authorities. But it is imperative to shake the whole society – to overcome the indifference, the awakening of conscience and the mobilization of Republican solidarity. And to pacify the anxiety and indignation – it is legitimate – from the Jewish community, says Le Monde.

Le Monde: the Rejection of trivialization of anti-Semitism 30.03.2018

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