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Le Point: Four of the war in Syria

Mireille Dyutey

The Syrian territory has become a place of conflict where each other are opposed by six countries, but the victims are just civilians, writes Mireille Dyutey in an article published in the newspaper Le Point.

The Syrian conflict is at a turning point. War is just a pretext for confrontation between the great powers and the countries of the region. All scores are settled by the hands of the warring among themselves Syrians. This war, according to the UN, has already resulted in the deaths of 250 thousand people, the newspaper writes.

The first war — war Russia

By military intervention in the conflict in September 2015, Vladimir Putin changed the situation. His goals are clear: to save the Syrian regime, to maintain its position in the middle East and base in the Eastern Mediterranean, change the position of Russia in the international arena after the Ukrainian conflict, writes the author.

«The priority for Putin was to restore the combat readiness of the Syrian army, so she could regain control of the regions which fell under nagykaracsony opposition. (…) This Russian war, one step away from victory, illustrates the defeat of the Western countries, dysfunctional and paralyzed. They not only demand the departure of Bashar al-Assad, but also convinced that the armed opposition, whom they support, was on the verge of defeat. The head of the Kremlin laughs at the admonitions of the Americans and Europeans calling for an end to the bombing of the opposition and to strike at ISIL,» notes the author.

Syria allows Putin to take revenge for Ukraine and Libya. He had not forgiven Nicolas Sarkozy and his allies for what they had cheated him and has exceeded the UN mandate to eliminate Gaddafi.

The second war: the war of Ankara against the Kurds

In Syria, the Tayyip Erdogan’s two goals: to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and conduct under the guise of fighting terrorism, the war against the Kurdish PKK. And when Ankara claims that its planes are flying to bomb ISIL, it means that the first blows will be struck on positions of the PKK. Blows to the Syrian Kurds of the PYD (party of Democratic Union), Turks, members of NATO, find themselves in a difficult position in relation to its American ally, which has been arming the Syrian Kurds and funding the fight against ISIL.

«Turkey is engaged in its own war in Syria. It stands for ground intervention and is ready to take part in it together with Saudi Arabia,» writes the author.

Third war: the war of Saudi Arabia against Iran

«The traditional rivalry of the two powers in the region, naturally, found its development in the Syrian land. Tehran is a longtime ally of the Syrian regime, both countries are bound by a mutual defense Treaty signed in the 90-ies. (…) Riyadh, in turn, wants the departure of Bashar al-Assad that Syria was headed by the Sunni majority. That’s why the Saudis gave military and financial support to the opposition and the jihadi groups. But in recent months, Saudi Arabia began to fear ISIS and its extremist Salafist ideology and created an Islamic coalition against terrorism. In the last weekend the Saudis organized a large-scale maneuvers along with its allies in the North. The official goal is the training ground of military intervention that may be carried out in conjunction with Turkey. Simultaneously with maneuvers to Turkey at the base of «Incirlik» profits of the Saudi aircraft. All this is not like Iran: «the Situation in Syria should not evolve at will of hostile States. Iran, of course, will not allow the course of events in Syria developed at the request of these hostile countries, and to take adequate and timely measures,» said General Masoud Jazayeri, Deputy chief of the General staff of armed forces of Iran.

The fourth war: war of Russia against Turkey?

Relations between the two countries has deteriorated after Ankara was hit in November last year, the Russian aircraft over the Syrian-Turkish border. Between Putin and Erdogan, the two authoritarian personalities, is not disposed to make concessions, there is a violent confrontation. Both sides are pursuing opposing objectives in Syria. According to observers, Russia wants to demonstrate the muscles of Turkey, which, it seems, is not impressed by this and continues to bomb the Kurds of the PYD, which supports not only Washington, but also Moscow.

«There is nothing surprising in the fact that the agreement reached in Munich, collapsed even before its implementation has begun. According to the agreement, at the end of the week would enter into force a ceasefire. But it is no longer relevant. Unless, of course, everyone will not play with fire and come to their senses before it is too late,» writes the author.

Le Point: Four of the war in Syria 19.02.2016

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