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Le Temps: How Russia rewrites history of the siege of Aleppo

Six months later, after the fall of Eastern Aleppo, Moscow intends to «restore the truth», while denying any responsibility for the destruction of the city, writes the journalist of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps Louis Lema.

In December last year, the siege and almost complete destruction of Eastern Aleppo by the Syrian army, Russian troops and Pro-Iranian militias was described by the then UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon as «synonyms of hell.» Six months later, Russia on Wednesday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva described the exact opposite version of events, the article says.

«Live from Aleppo, before the walls of the fortress, next to the Governor, who rejoiced the «newfound unity of the city,» found a surprise visitor: the boy Omran Dacnis, whose photo spread all over the world when he emerged from the ruins with a face covered with blood and dust, after which he was taken away by ambulance, reports the journalist. Almost repeating word for word the evidence abundantly circulated in recent days that Syrian media, the father of Omran expressed outrage that the image of his son was «used in a political game», reaching the assurances that all this (including the shelling of his home by the Syrian and Russian aircraft) was staged». «Omran was only minor scratches, but all began to say that he was seriously wounded», – said the father under the gaze of Russian officials.

The case of a boy with Omran – the suspicions of many observers located in the center of a carefully orchestrated campaign by the Syrian regime – was not the only new coverage, made Wednesday, said the author. On approval the permanent representative of Russia to the international organizations in Geneva Alexei Borodavkin, East of Aleppo «was almost completely destroyed by the terrorists. The terrorists destroyed buildings, hospitals and schools.»

According to the diplomat, the Russians remained in Western Aleppo, in the part of the city, which was in the hands of the regime. And there are Russian troops also suffered from heavy bombing by «terrorists».

«Before the end of fighting on the basis of images obtained from the satellite, the UN had established a strong damage over 33 thousand buildings, the vast majority in the Eastern part of the city. Entire neighborhoods have been razed to the ground by bombing. Syrian rebels, whether they are terrorists or not, do not have aircraft. Meanwhile, thousands of videos and show evidence of intense bombardment of the city, including hospitals. Then the former head of American diplomacy John Kerry accused the Russians that they live «in a parallel world», hardly it comes to describing what is happening in Syria,» writes LEM.

«A huge success», which seems to be the reconquest of Aleppo, in the form in which it is described by Russian officials, today is accompanied by a double call to the international community to put an end to the «inhuman» economic sanctions that would inflict strikes on Syrian officials, and to participate in the rebuilding of the city. Experts believe that the restoration of Aleppo will cost at least $ 50 billion. The European Union as the countries of the Persian Gulf, not very inclined to participate in this endeavor, they also accused Russia that she is the main culprit for destruction and assume that such help can strengthen impact on the country of Bashar al-Assad,» – says the journalist.

Le Temps: How Russia rewrites history of the siege of Aleppo 15.06.2017

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