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Le Temps: the Minister of defence of Israel: «the True danger comes not from ISIS and Iran»


Israeli defense Minister Moshe ya’alon referred to the situation in the region, with the war in Syria, as a «geopolitical earthquake», writes the newspaper Le Temps.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Israeli defense Minister was on an official visit in Bern, where he held talks with his Swiss counterpart GI Parmelina. On the agenda was the issue of military cooperation between Switzerland and Israel. In exclusive interview, Moshe ya’alon commented on the situation in the middle East.

Ya’alon is not classified as «hawks», but he makes strong statements, when it comes to Iran, writes the correspondent. «The biggest threat to my country, does not come from nearest neighbors, and from Iran. (…) When talking about Iran, I’m not talking about country, not about the Iranians and about the Messianic and apocalyptic regime in power, calling for the eradication of Israel. I regret to admit that Iran has successfully exported terror and hatred of Israel. (…) The problem is not Israel, and Iran in fueling the controversy and war throughout the middle East. (…) The Iranian regime is the main source of problems and instability throughout the region».

The signing of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program ya’alon calls a historical mistake. These documents provide a break in 15 years, but then this nation will develop nuclear weapons, do not fall into the illusion. «It should be clear: as long as the Mullah will be in power long-term peaceful solution in the middle East will not» — said the Israeli Minister.

Answering the question about the war in Syria Moshe ya’alon said: «This is a geopolitical earthquake: the four camps fighting each other around us in a disgusting chaos.» First of all, the Shiite axis, which, along with Iran, are the forces of Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah, the Houthis of Yemen. There is another group belonging to the «Muslim brotherhood», which governs Turkey, and Qatar are «Hamas» in Gaza. All of them are hostile to Israel. There is also a global Jihad, presents LIH and «al Qaeda» or «al-Nusra Front». Finally, Sunni Arabs, some of them are regional allies of Israel, particularly Egypt and Jordan. There are still Saudi Arabia, UAE, North African countries. They have in common with Israel’s enemy Iran, said yaalon.

As for ISIL, «it will be defeated on its own territory, because there are a large number of different coalitions, and States who fight against jihadists». «In fact, ISIL is a threat to us. Of course, the jihadists tried to take root on the West Bank of the Jordan river and primarily in the Gaza Strip. But we are ready to face them,» said the Minister.

«We fear that the Iranians will long linger at our borders. They use the fear of ISIS to force myself to acknowledge the indispensable interlocutor in the negotiations. (…) We will do our best to protect our interests and stop to supply weapons to those who directly threaten us, for example, «Hezbollah». As for discussions about peace, then I fear they will never end. (…) Humanitarian aid Israel is providing aid to the wounded on the Golan heights, provided that they are not members of hostile paramilitary forces», — said Moshe ya’alon.

Answering the question about whether concerns over Israel’s increasingly active role of Russia in Syria, the Israeli defense Minister said, «once they [the Russians] have deployed our forces, we immediately contacted them directly. The cold war is no more, and we have rather good relations with Russia despite the disagreements on the role of Iran and its support of Bashar al-Assad. We can talk to them and coordinate actions to avoid problems.» On the remark that the Russians have deployed in Latakia missile defense system S-400, the Minister said: «They are not aimed against us.»

With regard to relations with Turkey, ya’alon said that the Golden era in the relations between Israel and Turkey is over: «She’s not coming back, because we can trust neither Recep Tayyip Erdogan nor his friends from the movement «Muslim brotherhood».

Answering the question about the United States, ya’alon said, «the World always needs a policeman. The US is the only superpower, they should play this role. But Barack Obama refuses. (…) Therefore, the Russians were in Syria: they filled the void left by the Americans.»

Speaking about the negotiations in Berne, the Israeli defence Minister said: «Our relationship can become closer military cooperation more active. Israel, unfortunately, has vast experience in the field of warfare, in the field of military intelligence and weapons. We want to share our experience with Switzerland».

Le Temps: the Minister of defence of Israel: «the True danger comes not from ISIS and Iran» 12.02.2016

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