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Lebanese media: Israel attacks Hizbullah no later than this summer

In Lebanese media widely commented on the reasons for the delay of supply of arms for the army of this country from France and Saudi Arabia. In particular the website that publishes the latest news and analytical materials about the armed forces and other security agencies of Lebanon, writes that Paris and Riyadh are waiting for «dramatic events» in the region.

The publication provides an assessment, according to which no later than the summer of 2016, the Israeli army will inflict massive attacks on targets in Lebanon to destroy the missile Arsenal of Hizbullah.

According to the estimations of U.S. Department of state, at the present time, Hizbullah has launched thousands of rockets 80. But a year ago a former adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister on national security Yaakov Amidror stated that «Hezbollah» about 150,000 rockets that exceed the total rocket Arsenal all European countries. Center for strategic studies begin-Sadat then publish the corresponding reports.

The website writes that the French authorities and Saudi Arabia have suspended the supply of arms to Lebanon army, fearing that, in the event of an armed conflict between the IDF and Hizbullah, the Lebanese military will support the «Party of Allah». Therefore, the Lebanese army has so far received only a small portion of the weapons needed to effectively confront Sunni groups such as «Islamic state» and «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» on the border with Syria.

The first batch of French weapons in a deal financed by Saudi Arabia with the aim of strengthening the capacity of the Lebanese army to fight terror, the Lebanese military received last spring.

Lebanese media: Israel attacks Hizbullah no later than this summer 05.02.2016

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