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Left MPs demand to cancel the ceremony to the memory of Rehavam Zeevi

Knesset members from the left parties demanded to cancel the official ceremony to the memory of Rehavam ze’evi, Minister of tourism, assassinated by Palestinian terrorists, a published report, attributed to him the indiscretions.

To the abolition of the official ceremonies called deputies Miki Rosenthal and Shelly yahimovich from the «Zionist camp» and Zahava Gal-on, Michal Rozin and Tamar Zandberg from MERETZ. They claimed that the published data make it impossible to carry out government activities in memory of the murdered politician.

Report of the Second channel ITV, devoted Zeevi, claimed that he sexually harassed many women, when he held the post of chief of the Central military district. According to the women who claimed were his victims, some of his actions can be qualified as rape.

In addition, the report claimed that Rehoboam ze’evi supported connection with the first Israeli criminal group and resorted to criminal authorities to intimidate those with whom clashed.

Rehoboam ze’evi, the General-the major of a stock, a former Minister and member of the Knesset, leader of the right-wing party Moledet, was killed by Palestinian terrorists in 2001.

His family filed a lawsuit the claim with the requirement to forbid to publish the report, noting that the late Zeevi can protect your good name. The plaintiffs also noted that the law against sexual harassment was adopted in 1998, therefore, the actions in question were not illegal, even if actually committed.

But the court sided with the plaintiffs and was allowed to show the report.

Left MPs demand to cancel the ceremony to the memory of Rehavam Zeevi 15.04.2016

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