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Legacy Builder power: fibula Bronze age and medieval grenade

Among the legacy left by your loved resident of Hadera Marcel Mazloom was the collection of ancient metal objects. Children of Marcel, deciding that the collection can present a scientific interest, donated it to the antiquities authority.

Archaeologists arrived, they were told that their father was involved in the construction of the power plant, located on the coast near Hadera. He managed to raise from the seabed the variety of archaeological sites.

Experts were amazed at the collection of Mazliah. «The most ancient of them, such as hairpin brooch and a knife blade, belong to the Bronze age, their age of about 3,500 years. The new, richly decorated artifacts of the era of the Fatimids, made in the eleventh century», – said the employee of management of Ayala Lester.

Of particular interest is the medieval hand grenade, which resembles the fruit. Such grenades invented in the eighth century in the Byzantine Empire. After a few centuries they were used both Muslims and crusaders.

In garnets used «Greek fire» – reminiscent of the Napalm mixture of sulfur, saltpeter, oil, and liquid asphalt. It is usually produced from the so-called «siphon» – the prototype of the modern flamethrower, and grenades, however, were popular.

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Legacy Builder power: fibula Bronze age and medieval grenade 23.08.2016

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