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Liberman on ceasefire in Syria: maintain complete freedom of action

Sunday, July 9, during a visit to Ashkelon, defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented on the agreement on ceasefire in the South-West of Syria, signed last week during the summit of «Big twenty», reports Nana10.

«Israel retains full freedom of action — contrary to the agreements between the trump and Putin. We will do whatever we deem necessary,» — leads edition of the words of the Minister.

Lieberman also noted the lack of progress in negotiations between Israel and Hamas over missing Israelis. «We will make every effort, and not stop fighting, until they’ll be back,» said Lieberman.

The Minister also stressed that last year was «the most peaceful in the last 50 years,» citing, however, the famous aphorism of the Roman historian Cornelius Nepote: «Who wants peace, let him prepare for war», which he believes adequately describes the situation in Israel.

«We continue to train and improve. The IDF is ready for any eventuality,» said the Minister.

The agreement on the ceasefire in Syria came into effect Sunday, July 9, at 12:00 local time. It applies to the province of Daraa, Quneitra, and Suwayda, including the territory adjacent to the Israeli and Jordanian borders. Agreement between supporters and opponents of the regime were concluded with the mediation of Russia, the USA and Jordan.

Liberman on ceasefire in Syria: maintain complete freedom of action 09.07.2017

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