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Lieberman: «Abbas is trying to draw Hamas into war with Israel»

Thursday, June 22, defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed a conference at the Interdisciplinary center in Herzliya.

Avigdor Lieberman touched on the situation in the Gaza strip. According to the defense Ministry, the Palestinian authority will strengthen in the near future the pressure on Hamas in Gaza, to push it to war against Israel. «We are talking about intra-Palestinian conflict, and the resolution of this conflict is not in sight, said Lieberman, the Palestinian authority continues to reduce the supply of electricity to Gaza, stop the payment of salaries and take other tough steps». According to Lieberman, this is done with two goals: to strike at Hamas and to engage him in a war with Israel.»

Lieberman said that the actions of Mahmoud Abbas against Hamas and the Gaza strip not coordinated with Israel and are completely one-sided.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, the defense Minister said: «Hizbullah is using the situation in this country, to create anti-Israeli front in the Golan, as well as for the delivery of modern weapons systems and strengthen the position on the border with Israel. I warn the Syrian regime about the consequences that this will have.»

Lieberman: «Abbas is trying to draw Hamas into war with Israel» 22.06.2017

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