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Lieberman about the law on conscription: «This is a fake law. We will vote against»

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, speaking on Monday, March 12, at meeting of fraction «Our house Israel», said: «the Law on conscription in the form in which it was formulated and approved, it is absurd. No less absurd to expect that Yisrael Beiteinu will support this bill. This fake law. We all, including the Minister of the Landwehr, will vote against».

«I very much hope that the law will not pass, – said Lieberman. – I hear a lot about the responsibility that we impose. The onus is on all of us. First and foremost, the responsibility to be serious. It is unacceptable that some have spent three years of his life to protect the country from the risk of life, when there are other – not only the ultra-Orthodox and the Arabs – who do not, getting it official, legislative authorization of the Knesset.»

«We have no choice, – said Lieberman. I don’t know anyone who happily leaves the post of defense Minister, but we will not stop no threats, no manipulation. All five MPs will vote against this bill, and, if adopted in the third reading, we leave the government.»

Before the meeting of the faction Yisrael Beiteinu, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement in which he called on Lieberman to remain in the coalition. «I call on all coalition partners, especially the defense Minister, to remain in government and continue to work on strengthening security, economy and other areas of life,» said a statement by the head of the government.

On the morning of 12 March, the Ministerial Committee on legislation approved the bill on conscription of Yoav Ben Zur (SHAS). Justice Minister Ayelet shaked (the»Bayt Yehudi») and the Minister of religious Affairs David azulai (SHAS) voted in favour. The Minister of aliyah and integration of the Landwehr (NDI), located in new York, left a written message that voting «against».

No Minister except Ayelet shaked was not present in the meeting room of the Commission at the time of voting. The voice of the Minister of justice was not enough to approve the bill. The meeting was urgently summoned by the Minister of religious Affairs, which gave the coalition a majority. Environment Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud), currently in transit from the USA to Israel, sent a written message that he votes «for», but it was received after the meeting.

A source in the party «Israel Our home» said the correspondent that the party filed an appeal. This means that should meet the government’s meeting for approval of the bill, and only after that it can be submitted for consideration in the preliminary reading. The coalition argue that a phone vote.

In connection with the appeal filed by the NIDS, it is assumed that the vote on the bill in a preliminary reading will be held March 14.

In the decision of the inter-Ministerial Commission stated that the preparation of the draft law for its second and third reading will be carried out jointly with the legal Advisor of the government and the Ministry of defence.

Currently legal Advisor to the government of avichai Mendelblit opposed the current wording of the bill, and in its environment it is called unconstitutional.

On the eve of voting in the inter-Ministerial Commission sources in Yisrael Beiteinu said that the party rejects compromise on the question of law on appeal, made yesterday during a meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leader of the «yaadut Torah» Jacob Litman. A source close to the head of the party of Avigdor Lieberman told the correspondent that the position of the NDI has remained the same: the party will support a bill that will be developed by the Commission of the Ministry of defence. Surrounded by Lieberman expressed doubt that the party’s position may change.

Earlier it was reported that on the evening of March 11, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Deputy Minister of health Yaakov Litzman. The meeting was devoted to the law on conscription. At the end of this meeting, from the office of Litzman told reporters that the negotiations will continue after the content of the conversation will be informed by the members of the Council of Torah scholars and will receive their approval. In the Likud the results of the talks took a more optimistic, arguing that religious parties can come to an agreement. The media on the eve noted that the fate of the coalition is dependent on Avigdor Lieberman.

According to the agreement reached Netanyahu and Litzman, the law on conscription, proposed by Deputy Yoav Ben at the LRC, March 12, will be presented for discussion at the inter-Ministerial Commission on legislation, and then transferred to the discussion of the Knesset in a preliminary reading. The government, for its part, must guarantee that the law will be approved during the summer session. If the agreement approves Avigdor Lieberman, it will vote on the budget in 2019.

Earlier, Avigdor Lieberman categorically refused to support any bill which is not developed by the created Commission under the Ministry of defence.

Netanyahu was invited Jacob of Licman to meet after the Council of Torah scholars of the party «Agudat Israel», a member of the block «yaadut-Tora», rejected a compromise version of the law on conscription, developed by the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked and former construction Minister Ariel Aliacom. The spiritual leaders of «Agudat Israel» ordered deputies to seek the approval of the bill that will be acceptable to them before the adoption of the budget by 2019.

March 12, at the weekly meeting of the parliamentary faction, the leader of the opposition party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid criticized the government, approved to the vote in a preliminary reading a law on conscription. «The option, called the alternative law evasion of military service, is evidence of how our politics is cynical and shameless. The new wording States that only in the case if the haredim want to serve – you can go to the recruiting station, and if not – it is not necessary. There are no sanctions in case of evasion. They can just go home. That’s the real trick. This law offends the IDF and the military. The ultra-Orthodox dictate to the secular population, that can be done on the Sabbath in his own house, and what is not. Then, within the framework of the coalition agreements, transfer billions of shekels to their needs. And now clearly show that service in the IDF is for «chumps» who are willing to risk their lives in the name of the state. The government, which encouraged the adoption of such a law, can not call yourself «right» does not qualify to be called a government of national camps. We, the national camp, as we believe that the citizens of the country should be not only rights but also responsibilities».

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Lieberman about the law on conscription: «This is a fake law. We will vote against» 12.03.2018

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