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Lieberman and Lapid made suggestions about the future of the Gaza strip

Monday, June 12, the defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, speaking in the Knesset, said that the issue of the Gaza strip cannot be considered outside of the context of all the problems associated with the very fact that the stay of Hamas in power. Lieberman made the remarks at a meeting lobby «About the political future of the Gaza strip». This lobby is headed by Knesset member from the party «Yesh Atid» Haim Yelin.

«When we are talking about Gaza, one must first clearly understand the following: first, two of our soldiers and two civilians held by Hamas, not allowing representatives of the red cross or any other international organizations to visit them and even to cope about their condition. Secondly, we should always remember that Israel withdrew from Gaza back to the 1967 borders, dismantling 21 prosperous settlement. And third, 99 percent of all victims of violence and bloodshed in the middle East is the result of Muslim conflict, not having any relation to Israeli-Palestinian issues,» said Lieberman.

«With regard to Gaza, the ball is on their side. My concept is very clear: rebuilding Gaza can only occur provided that the Hamas leadership will agree to a complete demilitarization of the sector. HAMAS leader Yahya Sanwar spent time in an Israeli prison for 23 years of the 450, which was condemned. He was released following the transaction, Gilad Shalit. Back in Gaza, he married and today he has two small children. The main question he needs to answer for themselves: he wants to see their children «martyrs», hiding all my life in tunnels and shelters or wants them to become doctors, teachers, and could easily move around the world. In any case, we cannot accept a situation where Hamas collects taxes from residents of Gaza and all their spends on the production of new missiles, a system of tunnels and saps, and we at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer will pay for them electricity and water. Therefore, the responsibility for the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza rests solely with Hamas leadership,» — said Lieberman.

The defense Minister reiterated that Israel does not intend to initiate a new round of armed confrontation with Hamas, but not willing to endure any provocation by the terrorist organization.
Earlier on 12 June, the defence Minister called upon from time to time to check on the «polygraph» (lie detector) all participants in the meetings of the security Cabinet.

This appeal on his Twitter page, the Minister of defense spoke on the background of the leaks in the media to discuss the possible reduction of the supply of electricity to the Gaza strip.

The leader of the «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid said, speaking at the conference lobby: «Immediately after the end of the operation «Indestructible rock» I have repeatedly said that Israel should begin the process of rehabilitating the Gaza strip in exchange for demilitarization of Gaza. We had a great opportunity to do it. However, due to political differences, the government missed the chance. In the end, foreign organizations donated for the recovery of the sector more than $ 5 billion. Israel has not won anything – neither from the point of view of security, nor from the point of view of public policy. I don’t want to talk about what happened, but we must learn from past mistakes. The decision to do nothing is still a decision, but it is a very bad decision. Israel must take the initiative, otherwise the initiative will show the other side».
«Israel is not going to conquer the Gaza strip, moreover, Israel is interested in improving the quality of life of residents of the sector. It will distance us from the next escalation. I believe that improving the quality of life in Gaza will wag on our security and contribute to the opportunity to return the bodies of fallen soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, and will also help to release Mengistu of Abraham from the captivity of Hamas,» said Yair Lapid.

Lieberman and Lapid made suggestions about the future of the Gaza strip 12.06.2017

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