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Lieberman blocked a plan Katz on an artificial island off the Gaza coast

Sunday, June 11, during meeting of the military-political Cabinet of government Ministers discussed a plan of Minister of transport Yisrael Katz to create the coast of Gaza artificial island to port, which will be monitored by international forces.

As reported citing sources the newspaper «Haaretz», the majority of Cabinet members supported Katz promoted by the initiative, but in the end, she was removed from the agenda due to objections from the defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Among those who supported Katz, the magazine says justice Minister Ayelet shaked and Minister Naftali Bennett («Bayt Yehudi»), energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud), Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Minister of construction of Yoav GALANT («Kulan»).

In the words of Katz, his plan supports the military command.

Note that a few months ago in an interview with Avigdor Lieberman commented on the plan of the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz for the construction of the «island Gas», «Absolutely wrong, incorrect, from my point of view, the position. We do not do PR, we’re working on security and rely on some experience. Yisrael Katz is proposing to build a port that will be monitored by international observers, and they will ensure no smuggling of arms and ammunition… we were already attempts to build such Islands. And every time the Palestinians in one way or another forced international observers to get out. So it was with the prison in Jericho, which was originally under the control of international forces. Then as a result of various provocations, they were all gone, and Olmert before the elections of 2006 were removed from this prison Fuad-Shoubaki, Ahmad Saadat and others. The second example is the Rafah crossing. Before the disengagement agreement was signed that the CAT will remain under the control of EU monitors. They soon were forced to flee after seven months. And the third example Dahaniya airport that was created shortly after the signing of the Oslo accords and was under our control. But we were forced to leave and to destroy the airport. After three such obvious examples, I don’t see the point of doing the same thing again when it is obvious how it will end: Hamas will expel anyone who tries something there to control and transform the area into their fiefdom. In fact, what Hamas wants? He wants to have uncontrolled transmission, the uncontrolled part of the border. Most of all, they tend to be the uncontrolled area of the sea that will allow the Iranian transport without hindrance to the sector everything they want… Plan Yisrael Katz gives them an absolute ability to achieve your objective.»

Shortly before, Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz in an interview with said, «I propose to complete the disengagement from the Gaza strip. I was against this move in 2005, but now, once it is made, it is necessary to complete it. I have repeatedly talked about the need to create artificial Islands on which to build a port and other infrastructure. We must free ourselves from Gaza completely.»

Soon after this interview he presented the project of creation of artificial Islands off the coast of the Gaza strip, and the laying of railway tracks from Israel to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In accordance with the plan, which was presented by the Minister, «Train valley» will follow to the checkpoint «Sheikh Hussein» on the border with Jordan, and from there deep into the Hashemite Kingdom. Simultaneously, the train network in the Saudi Arabia will unite with the Jordanian railway system, which will allow access and to Israel. Speaking about Gaza, Israel Katz stressed the need for completion of civil disengagement from the Gaza strip. The Minister proposed to build an artificial island with sea port and airport, which will be connected to Gaza by the bridge.

«The project is intended to ensure Palestinians economic and transport connections with the world, and the state of Israel – security, – said Yisrael Katz.

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Lieberman blocked a plan Katz on an artificial island off the Gaza coast 13.06.2017

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