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Lieberman in an interview with channel two: «Ministers allow themselves a lot of unnecessary chatter»

On Saturday, February 11, defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave an interview to the Second channel ITV. Speaking in the «meet the press», the head of the defense Ministry refuted statements by Ministers Bennett and GALANT about the inevitability of imminent armed confrontation with Hamas in the Gaza strip.

«Ministers allow themselves a lot of unnecessary chatter that has nothing to do with the activities for the benefit of the security of the country, said Lieberman. – We will not initiate any operations nor in the South nor in the North, however, will not tolerate any kind of provocations». Lieberman added that the next operation in the sector will be different than «Indestructible rock». «If we are drawn into a confrontation, we inflict blows so powerful that the infrastructure of terror will not remain a stone,» said the defense Minister.

Avigdor Lieberman commented on the publication of excerpts of the report of the auditor General on the activities of the power structures in the period of the operation «Indestructible rock»: «Those who press reports excerpts of the classified report or publish excerpts of the minutes of the meetings of the military-political Cabinet, makes absolutely inadmissible offense, especially when it comes to purely political motives.»

Lieberman also commented on the military Elora Azariah: «Even those who like me do not agree with the verdict of the court needs to exercise restraint and to refrain from attacks on IDF officers said Lieberman. – I would recommend the family of Azariah Alora to wait for the verdict and then appeal to the commander of the Central district with a request for commutation of sentence. Such precedents had already taken place».

Responding to a question concerning the law of outposts, the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu stated that in his opinion, this law caused damage to the settlement activity and did not contribute to the achievement of the objectives pursued: «This is a classic case where people bring national interests into the electoral victim, said Lieberman. – Sane right should answer the question: what do we want declarations or deeds?»

Speaking about the investigations against the Prime Minister, Lieberman said that the Prime Minister should not resign even if indicted. «Care of the Prime Minister to resign is a political drama, it’s a giant and also an irreversible step. If the Prime Minister asks me, I will recommend him not to resign but to fight for his good name out of the chair, the Prime Minister», – said the head of Yisrael Beiteinu.

He refused to answer the question about the possibility of participation in the next elections in the framework of the «Likud». «Now this issue is not on the agenda. I fully dedicate himself to work in the Ministry of defence and do not believe that we are on the threshold of parliamentary elections, so it makes no sense to discuss all these issues,» he said. Lieberman refuted the rumors about a possible merger with the party «Kulanu». «I’ve been familiar with Moshe Kahlana, we are in a great relationship, but there is no chance that the two parties will unite in a unified list,» said Lieberman.

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Lieberman in an interview with channel two: «Ministers allow themselves a lot of unnecessary chatter» 12.02.2017

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