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Lieberman in an interview with channel two: «We are closer than ever to the regional agreement»

On Saturday evening, 10 June, defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave an interview to the Second channel ITV. In an interview with the defence Minister said: «Today we are closer than ever to achieving regional agreement.» Lieberman refused to use the word «peace,» saying that this term is irrelevant in the middle East, but stressed: «Today, things have changed. Trump is the President of the United States and moderate Arab regimes all the more clearly understand that Israel is not a problem in the region as a means of solving problems.» According to the Minister of defense, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s effort to advance the peace process. «I am convinced that if there was regional agreement in which Israel and the Arab countries will establish diplomatic relations, normalize the process of trading, open air service, the majority of the Parliament and the people will support it,» said Lieberman.

Speaking about Syria, the defense Minister said, in his opinion, Assad cannot stay in power. «At the same time, I perfectly understand that not everything is in our hands. We are not a superpower and should not be ill with delusions of grandeur», he added.

Lieberman stressed that Israel does not intend to re-occupy the Gaza strip. «I’m not sure that a new round of confrontation in the sector is inevitable, said the Minister of defence. But we can’t afford every two years to be the face of a new conflict in the sector. Therefore, the result of the following operation in the sector should be a complete destruction of the military infrastructure of Hamas».

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Lieberman in an interview with channel two: «We are closer than ever to the regional agreement» 11.06.2017

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