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Lieberman in an interview with «the Fate of the coalition in the hands of Netanyahu»

On Tuesday, March 13, defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented in an interview with the situation around coalition crisis.

«At the moment there are no negotiations and no contact. The last time I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu on the eve at 11 PM, and since then have not heard it,» said Lieberman.

He refuted the publication, according to which former head of a coalition government David Bitan acts as a mediator between the NDI and the «Likud». «Maybe he is sending some telepathic message, nothing else I can say,» said the Minister.

Asked about the chances of avoiding early elections, Lieberman stressed that it is entirely up to the Prime Minister. «We will vote against the bill on conscription, but this does not mean that Netanyahu should dismiss the Landwehr. You can continue to work, and give an opportunity for the Commission of the Ministry of defense to form acceptable to the law on conscription,» said Lieberman.

Our source refused to answer the question about what, in his opinion, wants the Prime Minister: «I don’t think I need to comment on his moves and intentions, but they are clearer depending on how you behave Netanyahu in respect of the Minister of Sofa Landwehr. If he fires her – it would mean that he wants elections».

The defense Minister reiterated that it is not interested in early elections. «The post of defense Minister is an extremely important and interesting, and there is hardly a person who voluntarily renounce it. But the question of conscription in the IDF too important. I’m not ready to compromise in matters of principle, even where it is beneficial from a political point of view,» he said.

Lieberman added that in the case submitted to the vote of the law on the dissolution of the Knesset, Yisrael Beiteinu will act as part of the coalition. «We don’t want elections, contrary to popular belief, don’t jump on them, but it all depends on the specific situation and the decisions of the coalition,» he said.

Commenting on the survey, published yesterday, according to which NDI is gaining four mandates, Lieberman said, «If you believe the polls, we in the last election have not passed the electoral threshold, and Isaac Herzog are still running the government. This is all, what are the polls».

As previously reported, a meeting of the interministerial Committee on legislation which shall consider the appeal filed by Minister of aliyah and immigrant absorption Sofa Landwehr for approval of the bill on the call, postponed to 18:00.

The hearing is postponed at the request of the Prime Minister. This means that voting for a bill in preliminary reading will be postponed to a later hour.

In the coalition believe that the head of government wants to use the last opportunity to convince the defense Minister Lieberman to change his vote fraction. If the Minister of the Landwehr will vote against it, Netanyahu is likely to fire her, which would entail the withdrawal of Yisrael Beiteinu from the coalition and early elections. According to unofficial sources, the former head of a coalition government David Bitan functions as an intermediary between Netanyahu and Lieberman.

It is possible that in the absence of agreement, Netanyahu will vote on the law on the dissolution of the Knesset before the vote on the law on appeal.

In turn, the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked (the»Bayt Yehudi») again urged not to go to the collapse of the government. «This is a tragic mistake of equal magnitude to the fall of the Shamir government in 1992,» she said.

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Lieberman in an interview with «the Fate of the coalition in the hands of Netanyahu» 13.03.2018

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