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Lieberman: Yisrael Beiteinu’s pension problem is «casus Belli»

Wednesday, 17 February, party «Our house Israel» held a public discussion of its comprehensive pension reform, designed to prevent a looming crisis in this area.

It was attended by members from NDI, politicians, lawyers, economists, sociologists who participated in the development of the reform, representatives of public organizations involved in various areas of social resettlement of returnees and journalists.

During his speech Avigdor Lieberman said that the issue of pensions is a ticking time bomb under all of Israeli society – not only immigrants, although they will be in the main «target area» in case of an explosion.

«The pension problem affected all levels of society, including natives of the country. We do it the first year, and for us this is a matter of principle, – said the head of NDI. — Therefore, the solution to the pension problem we have put forward as one of the main demands during the coalition negotiations. Unfortunately, it was rejected by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance – and that is why we were not included in the government. In the debate on the draft budget, we expressed our willingness to support it, even without entering into a coalition, in case our conditions in relation to the pension reform will be fulfilled. But the government once again refused».

«The party «Israel Our home» will not be included in any government that does not undertake to solve the pension problem, said Lieberman. — For us it is a «casus Belli»».

The head of NDI noticed that the Declaration of the Russian-speaking deputies from the coalition and the opposition only call a grin.

«Everything they say, nothing more than a smokescreen, designed to lead people astray and divert attention from the fact that they all spit on pensioners and returnees in General. From their statements for a mile reeks of incompetence and indifference to the fate of people. If they hadn’t talked, and acted, the problem of pensions would have been solved. In the coalition today, 61 MPs. 4 of them are Russian – speaking immigrants. If the question of pensions would be really important to them, they would influence the vote coalition the implementation of pension laws and the issue would be resolved in a single day,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

Addressing the participants of the forum Sofa Landwehr noted that social security for retirees is the national interest of the state.

«The plight faced by people who have worked here for many years or continue to work, is not only an economic catastrophe of our generation. It will also affect the next generation. That is why the problem of pensions need to decide today, because tomorrow will be late,» she said.

In the words of Oded Forer, together with Leonid Litinetsky involved in the negotiations with the Finance Ministry on the issue of pensions, the government simply spat in the face of immigrants.

«During the negotiations, the Finance Ministers tried to find any possible excuses to not solve the problem of pensions. When we are objectively and convincingly proved to them that the pension problem can be solved right now, we’re just policy arguments,» said Oded Forer.

According to Leonid Litvinenkovo, for the first time have a platform solve the pension problem in Israel, which reflects the interests of all segments of the population, though with an emphasis on immigrants.

«This represents a real opportunity to reform, because it will not cause protest even at the Supreme court, as it does not discriminate against representatives of any of the sectors. Party NDI offers a complete solution of the pension issue for all citizens of the state and it is the first time in the history of Israel», — said Leonid Litinetsky.

The main provisions of the pension reform the party, NDI: the establishment of mandatory minimum threshold pension (tied to the minimum wage; the preservation of all benefits to which pensioners are entitled; the minimum mandatory level of pension provision for receiving a partial pension from abroad; encouraging retirees who are willing and able to work.

Lieberman: Yisrael Beiteinu’s pension problem is «casus Belli» 18.02.2016

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