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«Life in Iraq very difficult»: the confession of a young Swede, cunning lured into the ranks of terrorists

16-year-old citizen of Sweden who joined terrorist group ISIS in Iraq and released last week by the Kurds, gave an interview to 24 TV channel Kurdistan, during which he shared with the journalists her story.

Marlene Stefani Nivalin from the town of Boras told that the ranks of terrorists lured her cunning boyfriend, whom she met in 2014. At first it struck her as pretty boys, but then it turned out that a new acquaintance – a member of the terrorist group ISIS, which, he said, illustrating his stories with relevant videos.

Then the young man shared with her his plans – he intended to travel to the middle East and there to join like-minded people. The girl, without hesitation, agreed to accompany him. She explains this decision by saying that he knew nothing neither about Islam nor about IG.

The couple left Sweden in may last year. They crossed Europe by bus and snuck into Syria, where they were met by the militia and settled in a house without water and electricity.

Marlene realized that life among terrorists is full of difficulties, which she wasn’t ready. The girl phoned her mother and said she wanted to go home. However, instead of Sweden, she went to the Iraqi city of Mosul, where she was found and freed by Kurdish special forces.

The article says nothing about the visit of a young Swede in the camp of the IG, and her boyfriend. Currently Marlene is in the territory of the Kurdish province of Iraq and waits until all legal procedures related to repatriation.

Note that the Swedish government had not made any official statements regarding salvation Marlene Stephen Nivalin.

«Life in Iraq very difficult»: the confession of a young Swede, cunning lured into the ranks of terrorists 24.02.2016

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