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Litzman and Kahlon signed the act of translation, «after-school care» healthy eating

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Minister of health Yaakov litzman has signed a normative act requiring day-care centers («cuareim») to provide children with exceptionally healthy food. The normative act includes such details as the acquisition of food for children from the provider, properly licensed and offering their products for inspection by the inspectors of the Ministry of health and the provision of data vendor products parents.

The Ministry of health emphasize that healthy eating habits will be introduced through educational programs, teachers and nutritionists will tell their children about the importance of washing hands before eating, cleaning the table before serving, healthy food, regular food, salads and sufficient drinking water. «Thus the children will have developed the habit of healthy eating and proper food choices,» — said Yaakov litzman.

The Ministry of health expressed gratitude to the Deputy Rachel Azariah («Kulan») that has developed and passed a law about healthy eating in after-school care. «Already this school year, parents will be able to be calm about the nutrition of their children — said Rachel Azaria. — Because until now we, the parents, there was no way to be sure that the «detention» of children are fed wholesome food. I was approached by the parents of a five year old boy who was diagnosed with high cholesterol. When parents began to give his son food, the cholesterol level in the blood of the boy returned to normal. More such cases will not: our law does not allow it. From now on, the Ministry of health will monitor that children are given only healthy food».

In accordance with signed by the Ministers normative act, for the time in group of the prolonged day children receive lunch and afternoon snack (depending on time of stay of the child). The food should be balanced, high quality, healthy, varied and served in a necessary and not excessive quantities.

The normative act also regulates the terms of cooperation of the administration «detention» with suppliers power: suppliers must have a license for the supply of foodstuffs appropriate to the Law on the protection of public health from 2015. It was also indicated the need to develop detailed menu and sharing with parents.

In extended-day groups cannot be made forbidden by the Charter products and food such as sweets, fast food, chips, sweet drinks, and the like. If necessary, the provider must provide meals for children with special dietary needs and restrictions.

Litzman and Kahlon signed the act of translation, «after-school care» healthy eating 11.08.2017

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