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Livni urged the US to correct the mistakes of Obama

Wednesday, June 21, speaking at a conference at the Interdisciplinary center in Herzliya, member of Knesset Tzipi Livni («Zionist camp») said, «If President trump wants to fix the mistakes of its predecessor, the Obama — let will tell about the main principles on which he is going to act. It is necessary not to impose the contents of the contract parties and to publish its position and to oblige both parties to make a decision.»

«Prime Minister Netanyahu there is no political problem to agree with this approach in Israel could create an alternative government for the sake of peace, and he knows it. The Palestinians are afraid of trump, and have retreated from many of the prerequisites. I think the President trump is an opportunity, a unique chance, because nobody wants to contradict him. He identified the achievement of the Treaty as their goal and it now remains to identify the contents. To take the initiative and to achieve what our country needs. Unless, of course, the Israeli government will have enough wisdom and seriousness in approach.»

«When over the Northern borders of Israel looms a serious risk, we cannot afford, for reasons of security, to keep significant military forces in Judea and Samaria. Security is not just the army. This, in particular, and economic measures, such as allowing the Palestinians to build more in the area of their cities, so the IDF recommends that in order to reduce the stress and reduce the terror,» Livni added.

«Our goal is a clear border of Israel, and the country will include all major settlements. And small, remote settlements do not provide security, on the contrary, they complicate the security. And time is long overdue for the government to make a decision — what is important to us», she said.

Livni urged the US to correct the mistakes of Obama 22.06.2017

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