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London accuses Moscow of fuelling the war in Syria. Review of Arab media

Appearing in a London based Saudi newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» writes that the British governments accuses Russia of fuelling the war in Syria. In Moscow, these accusations are called unfounded. In the publication of a skeptical comment on the prospects of talks in Geneva with representatives of the Syrian opposition at a time when Russian planes bombed Aleppo. The uncertainty on the talks said the Qatari channel «al Jazeera», calling them «the last hope» of the opposition forces in Syria. The TV channel «al-Arabia» (UAE) reports that no progress in the negotiations in Geneva is not observed.

The Lebanese TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to Hezbollah, accuses Saudi Arabia and the United States of involvement in the deaths and injuries in Yemen 24 thousands of civilians. In the report on the war in Yemen, this channel shows the footage showing dead children.

Another Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin», close to «Hezbollah», tells the audience about the successes of the fighters of the «Party of Allah» and the regular army of Lebanon, in the region of arsal arrested dozens of terrorists and destroyed two militants grouping «Islamic state».

Many Palestinian online media, including «Palestinian information center», Safa and the Agency Maan, reported that as a result of collapse of the tunnel in the Central Gaza strip killed a field commander of Hamas Fuad Abu Ashour, Ataui. With him died the nephew of Mahmud AZ-Zahar, one of the political leaders and ideologues of Hamas.

London accuses Moscow of fuelling the war in Syria. Review of Arab media 03.02.2016

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