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Loss of capacity: why do we need a Trustee

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None of the older people are not immune from the changes that lead to dementia. Most common cause – Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, loss of ability to perform habitual actions are not always recognized immediately. In addition, the loss of capacity may be temporary and occur at any time – for example, after a major operation or injury.

How to understand at what point of life you may need the help of another person? This can be taken care of in advance, appointing a Trustee with a special power of attorney – «ipoi coach mitmachen». The procedure of registration of such power of attorney provided by the law, which came into force this year.

What is this special power of attorney:

It is a document that is approved by the state on «apotropos Aklan,» and shall come into force at the moment when you will not be able to make their own decisions related to your treatment and/or Finance. The new law gives the Israelis the opportunity to Express their will by choosing a confidant is a close and reliable person, and not a court-appointed guardian.

Who can be your confidant

Your family member, close friend, work colleague – anyone you trust. Thus, you authorize to make medical and/or financial decisions for you in the case when will not be able to do it themselves. Prerequisite: the person must agree to be your confidant.

What happens if the Trustee is the person does not, it is urgent to make a decision, and the patient is no longer able to do it myself:
In this case, the family of the patient will be a difficult procedure: you will have to apply to the court for the appointment of a temporary guardian or to submit a request for authorization of medical intervention.

How to make a power of attorney:

This can be done by contacting a lawyer with a special license. Lawyer-notary Natalia Schneerson such license is. We will be happy to advise you about all legal aspects of power of attorney «ipui koach mitmachen» and assist you in its design.

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Loss of capacity: why do we need a Trustee 12.09.2017

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