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«Maariv» a week after the statement Shoigu «first» noticed that the su-57 left Syria

On the morning of Tuesday, March 6, the website of the Israeli newspaper «Maariv» has published a report entitled «is the first Russian stealth aircraft left Syria», which tells about the newest Russian fighter su-57 recently left Syria. Posted by: the war correspondent tal Lev-RAM.

For some reason, the author refers to su-57 «invisible» is unclear. In the design phase it was planned to «stealth» these fifth-generation aircraft. But, according to available information, on airplanes returning from Syria, these technologies have not been implemented.

The article «mA’ariv» noted that the Russian military did not try to conceal the presence of su-57 in Syria, rather the contrary. The author believes that in this way Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message of American leadership, against Israel, these actions are directed not was.

Further, the publication lists known information about the su-57 and the messages about the arrival of these aircraft to Syria, confirmed by satellite images.

It remains unclear why «Maariv» writes about the «first publication» nearly a week after the statement of Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu that two su-57 in the course of two days the trial took place in Syria. «They were really there. Was a long two days. During this time completed a series of tests, including combat. There were two aircraft. They were accompanied by the aircraft laboratory, and the aircraft that monitored all the parameters of the weapons,» – said Shoigu on March 1.

Based on the available information, two su-57 arrived at the base Hamim 22 Feb. On 23 February they were removed on this basis, the Israeli observation satellite Eros-B, these pictures ImageSat published on 24 February (Shoigu questioned the authenticity of these satellite images, claiming that the su-57 was all the time in shelters, which is obviously not true).

The media also published photographs taken in the area Hamim Syrian blogger who reported first about the arrival of two su-57 (which was true), and then the arrival of two more su-57 (which, as it turned out, was a mistake).

Su-57 (T-50) is the first Russian fighter of the fifth generation. He made the first flight in 2010 and the operation of the Russian HQs to begin in 2018. The plane should be armed with a 30 mm cannon and rockets. At the moment we know about the presence of Russia’s ten prototype intended for flight testing.

«Maariv» a week after the statement Shoigu «first» noticed that the su-57 left Syria 06.03.2018

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