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«Maariv»: Israel UAV operators refused to attack the Armenians at the request of the Azerbaijanis

The Israeli defense Ministry checks the information that the operators of the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems refused to show opportunities of new unmanned equipment supplied to Azerbaijan, in the Armenian order, according to the newspaper «Maariv a-Shavua».

Author Yossi Melman writes that a complaint was filed by Azerbaijan in defense of Israel. In company Aeronautics Defense Systems deny the charges.

According to this source, the incident occurred over a month ago, when I arrived in Baku the delegation Aeronautics Defense Systems to discuss the new contract for the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles, including so-called loitering munitions. The publication says that the Azerbaijani military has asked that the possibilities of the new technology was demonstrated during actual combat against the Armenian army, and was refused. The article States that the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan hoped to publish broadcast the attack to show the power of its armed forces.

MA’ariv recalls that, in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of defense of Israel, the Israeli arms suppliers have no right to directly or indirectly participate in hostilities on the territory of other countries, unless there are special orders of the Ministry of defense (which is rarely forthcoming).

According to «mA’ariv», employees of the Israeli company, refused to demonstrate the capabilities of UAVs during real action against the Armenian military, tried to pressure the heads of the delegations, but the operators did not obey. In the end, the attempt to use these UAVs did not lead to any casualties, although the goal and was amazed. One of the operators who answered no to the requirement to manage loitering munition in the attack on the Armenian military, later resigned from the company, and the second is going to retire soon, the newspaper said.

The Ministry of defence of Israel declared: «Usually the Ministry does not comment about defense exports. Information verified by the relevant agencies at the Ministry.»

The press service of the company Aeronautics Defense Systems has categorically rejected contained in the complaint allegations and said: «the Company supplies its products to customers in 50 countries, solely in accordance with the licenses of Department of control of defense exports at the defense Ministry.» The statement stressed that the management is always carried out by the purchaser and is within his responsibility. «The company Aeronautics to never implementing a demonstration on live targets. The same applies to this case,» the statement said.

As previously reported, in early 2017, the company «AZAD systems» Azerbaijani industrial enterprises «Sharg» was launched licensed production of self-guided loitering munitions «Zarb». In fact we are talking about UAV «Orbiter-1K» Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems with a warhead.

«Orbiter-1K» based on the intelligence mini-UAV «Orbiter-2» and was first shown in 2015 during the Paris air show. From the prototype loitering munition extended wing to increase maneuverability and a slight increase of the fuselage to offset the weight of the warhead in the bow.

UAV kamikaze «Orbiter-1K» is designed to deal with infantry and lightly armored mobile and stationary equipment of the enemy. A munition capable of detecting a target in a designated area, to escort her and destroy at the command of the operator at any time of the day. For this UAV is equipped with electro-optical observation system in the visible and infrared ranges and flight control, which provides a manual piloting device or automatic loitering on the program.

UAV «Orbiter-1K» can act at a distance of 100 km at a speed of about 130 km/h at altitudes up to 5500 m during 2-3 hours. The purpose is affected high-explosive warhead weighing 2.5 kg (4000 tungsten bulbs), the explosion of which formed a cloud of debris with a radius of 25 m. Undermining can be performed in air, with a time delay and in contact with the target. The UAV takes off with a catapult, sits down using a parachute and an inflatable camera.

During the flight, the operator finding the purpose of the UAV puts in the dive mode. The unit has a small audible and can be detected for 2 s before hitting the target. If necessary, the attack goal can be cancelled and the device returned to the start. The mobility of the use of drones is planned to be achieved by placing the apparatus on Board of armored vehicles «K1-Zarb».

According to the Russian expert on unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov, Azerbaijan in recent years actively engaged in the procurement of various UAV systems and Assembly plant, some of them directly in the country. «First of all, the products of Israeli companies, among which, in addition to the Aeronautics, also Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, BlueBird Aero Systems,» explained D. Fedutinov.

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«Maariv»: Israel UAV operators refused to attack the Armenians at the request of the Azerbaijanis 13.08.2017

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