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«Maariv-Shavua»: parents of Oron Shaul received a letter from Hamas allegedly living son

The Hamas terrorist organization has transferred through intermediaries to the parents of the deceased in the course of «operation protective edge» senior Sergeant Oron Shaul, a letter, allegedly written by their son. On Sunday evening, December 13, will host a press conference at which Hertzel and Zahava Shaul, parents of Auron will talk about their position on the recent events, according to the publication «Maariv-Shavua».

In the letter, supposedly written a few days ago, Oron Shaul asks parents to secure his release. The experts of the IDF are convinced that the letter is fabricated, however, parents of Auron yet to vote on the matter.

«Dear mom, I can hear the rain, but don’t see or feel it. Since then, as I was captured, I took away that right. I expect at least some joyful news that would bring me back to you,» the letter reads.

The author of the letter expresses fears that it will suffer the fate of Gilad Shalit, who had to be held in captivity by Hamas for many years.

«Mom, I’m starting to feel cold and afraid that this winter will be as cold as last. Did your heart endure such a long separation? Mom, when you to me will do something? Do you succumb to political manipulation? Really believe the false promises of our government? Commanders promised us that we will return home safe and healthy, but they left me, left, and don’t do it. I was told that I won’t be back until liberated their prisoners», — writes the Oron Shaul.

The Palestinian media reported that «the Hamas letter» to parents of Oron Shaul referring to «Maariv». Additional details are not given.

Sergeant major of the Golani brigade, Oron Shaul (21) from the village Poorya was killed in the armored personnel carrier, wrecked by Palestinian terrorists in the shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza city on the night of Sunday, July 20. Hamas claimed then, and claims still that Oron Shaul is in his hands, but does not provide any evidence for his claim.

«Maariv-Shavua»: parents of Oron Shaul received a letter from Hamas allegedly living son 13.12.2015

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