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MADA paramedics had treated the cat, rescued from a fire

Sunday, March 25, in the house down the street Borokhiv in Petah Tikva fire occurred. Burned apartment on the third floor of the building. Employees of the ambulance service «Magen David Adom» was on duty near the entrance while firefighters extinguished the fire and checked the building has no victims.

Press-service «Magen David Adom» reported that firefighters ruled out of the smoke-filled apartment cat that was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Paramedic Yael arava says that firefighters handed to staff an ambulance smeared in soot cat, who was breathing heavily and was scared. The paramedics carried the animal into the shade and then gave him first aid. Including the cat was wearing an oxygen mask. After the cat has become easier, it gave the doctor a local veterinary clinic, who will follow up further treatment.

In a press-service of MADA, noted that paramedics deemed it essential to provide medical care to animals when they need it.

MADA paramedics had treated the cat, rescued from a fire 25.03.2018

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