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Madagascar has banned dancing with the dead

In connection with the plague the authorities of Madagascar forbade citizens to carry out the traditional ceremony of farewell to the dead, called Famadihana, reports the Daily Mail.

According to ancient tradition, the people of Madagascar for some time after the death of a relative, in the dry season, which usually lasts from July to October, periodically dig up the dead from the grave, wrapped in a clean shroud and make him dance, and then again put in the grave.

However, in the island nation for several months, the epidemic of pneumonic plague, the mortality from which, in the absence of modern treatment reaches 90%.

Since August of this year, Madagascar recorded 1,100 cases of plague. 124 people have already died from this disease.

In this regard, the government of Madagascar decided to listen to the experts, has long warned that the outbreak of plague in the country are associated with close contacts with the dead.

Madagascar has banned dancing with the dead 29.10.2017

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