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Madrid «restore the legitimacy»; the Catalan Parliament will be dissolved

Saturday, October 21, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that Madrid brings in the 155-th article of the Spanish Constitution in order to «restore the legitimacy», the BBC reports. This article allows the Central government to introduce direct rule in crisis situations and to limit the power of regional bodies for a while.

However, the 155 article does not give the government the right to abolish the Autonomous status of the region.

The government and the Catalan Parliament will be dissolved, and in the province for six months will be held early elections. These measures should be approved by the Senate – the upper house of the Spanish Parliament, which represented all the regions.

We will remind that on October 11 the head of the government of Catalonia Carlos Pujdeme signed the Declaration of independence of the region. In this Catalonia was declared an «independent Republic», but the announcement of secession from Spain in the Declaration, contrary to expectations, were not available.

Putteman said that could not yet name the exact date of the Declaration of independence, and invited the government of Spain to host two-month negotiations on this subject.

On 17 October, the constitutional court of Spain considered the referendum on the independence of Catalonia illegal.

A referendum on Catalan independence took place on 1 October. For separation from Spain was made by 90,18% of voters, the turnout was 42%. The king of Spain Philip VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, the referendum results are not recognized, calling it illegal. The vote was accompanied by clashes of participants of a referendum with the police.

Madrid «restore the legitimacy»; the Catalan Parliament will be dissolved 21.10.2017

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