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March 28 cheaper fares on the intercity routes on buses and trains

March 28 will come into force on reform of the fares on the intercity routes, by bus or by train. This was announced on Monday, March 19, the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz, after the signing of the decree on reduction of tariffs for intercity routes.

«The expansion of tariff reforms on long-distance trips allow thousands of passengers to reduce travel costs by tens of percent when you purchase a monthly or day pass. They can perform transplantation, on the territory of big cities and outside of them in different kinds of public transport: bus, train, tram, and in the future and taxis,» said Minister Yisrael Katz.

Katz stressed that the spread of the reform on long-distance trips will reduce the social gap and significantly reduce the cost of living for passengers and increase the demand for public transport services. «Thanks to the reform, the passenger will be able to choose for themselves what kind of public transport it is convenient to use», — said the head of the transport Department.

New discounts you can get when purchasing a daily or monthly long-distance travel pass to travel («hofshi Yomi» or «chofshi chodshi»). Their action will spread all over the country (excluding Eilat and the arava).

For example, you can purchase a day ticket covering the trip in tel Aviv and Jerusalem Metropolitan areas for different types of public transport (bus, train, tram, and in the future and taxi), in the cities of metropolis and in between. The ticket will cost 32 shekel, 50 agorot. Note that today for the trip to the tel Aviv — Jerusalem and 4 trips through the city the passenger pays 55 60 shekels agorot. In other words, we are talking about saving more than 40%.

A similar ticket on the route Beersheba-tel Aviv for travel without restrictions throughout the day on various kinds of public transport on the territory of these two cities and between them will cost NIS 37 50 agorot. Recall that beer Shevski metropolis includes such towns as Ashkelon, Kiryat gat, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim, Arad, Dimona, .. The cheaper the fare will be about 40%. Today, the trip between these cities and 4 trip to the city costs 53 60 agorot shekel.

Similar one-day ticket of the settlements in the Haifa metropolis in the settlements of the tel Aviv metropolis, from Nahariya to Ashdod for a day for travel on all public transport (bus, train, Metronet), in the cities of megalopolis and between them, will be a passenger only 40 shekels. We are talking about a 60% discount. Today, such a trip costs to the passenger at 99 shekels (the trip between these cities and 4 trips in the city).

The price of a day ticket for travel on shorter distances between the cities will vary from 18 to 21.5 shekel. Travel from Ashkelon and Kiryat gat in the settlements of be’er Sheva metropolis at the one-day ticket will cost only 18 shekels.

Travel on a day ticket at relatively short distances, such as from Afula and Beit Shean to the southern part of the Golan heights and settlements in the lake Kinneret area, the settlements of Wadi Ara and Hadera, between Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat in the relatively close settlements of gush Dan, on all public transport will cost only NIS 21.5.

A day pass for travel across the country (excluding Eilat and the arava), which will be introduced in the framework of the reform, to travel on different modes of public transport, will cost only 60 NIS.

Implementation of tariff reform began in January 2016, and includes three stages. In the first phase were allocated to four Central tariff zones: greater tel Aviv, Haifa Big, Big beer-Sheva, greater Jerusalem. Further, the reform was extended to the whole country. Now the reform will apply to long distance rates in the country (except ha-arava and Eilat).

March 28 cheaper fares on the intercity routes on buses and trains 20.03.2018

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