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«March of millions»: clashes on the border of the Gaza strip

On Friday, March 30, at the initiative of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza strip held a «March of return» (or «March of millions»), dedicated to the so-called «earth day».

Hamas called on Israeli Arabs and the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), to support this campaign.

It is expected that, in total, in protests and attempts to break through the border with Israel will take part to one million or more residents of the Palestinian authority.

In connection with the alleged unrest strengthened security measures around the perimeter of the border with the Gaza strip, as well as at a checkpoint near Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria. Prepared means to disperse the crowd. To control the situation attracted snipers.

The border with Gaza controlled by the soldiers of the brigade «Golani», «givati» and «Nahal», as well as armored units. May be involved commandos, gunners, operators of unmanned aircraft (including UAVs, able to drop tear gas canisters).

In connection with the possible riots for many military personnel have been cancelled Easter holiday.

The territory adjacent to the dividing fence, declared a closed military zone.

«The Palestinian information center», belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas, reports that early Friday morning, March 30, Israeli artillery fired two «farmers» to the East of Khan Younis, southern Gaza strip. The shelling, writes PITZ, one farmer was killed and another seriously wounded. According to the version of PIC, Israeli artillery fired at two civilians, firing on them the two shells. It is argued that the firing was unprovoked – «farmers» gathered the parsley near the border. Called the victim’s name. This 27-year-old Umar Wahid Nasrallah Samur. The IDF has not yet commented on the incident.

Press-service of Army of defence of Israel on Friday morning, March 30, reported that last night the artillery and tanks of the IDF fired at two targets in the Gaza strip. Two suspects were fired in Northern Gaza, while attempting to approach the border fence. No casualties were reported. Around the southern part of the border fence, was fired on two other Gazans. Palestinian sources reported one killed and one wounded. According to the version of the Palestinian side, in southern Gaza opened fire on «farmers collecting parsley». Israeli military stressed that the incident occurred at night.

About 10 a.m. a group of residents of the Gaza strip, the protesters approached the border fence. The Israeli military fired warning shots into the air. Palestinian media claim that the shelling, five Gaza residents were injured, three were wounded near Jabalia, Northern Gaza, two to East of Rafah, in southern Gaza.

The IDF is ready for different scenarios, including the suppression of provocations with use of weapons and to repel attacks on Israeli territory by armed militants – a violation of the integrity of the boundary fence or through the tunnels.

However, Hamas have recently called on the marchers to refrain from violence, saying that the main weapon will be the mass action. Earlier it was reported that the organization of the March, Hamas has spent $ 10 million.

According to the military, «March of millions» will start late in the morning, the most active phase is expected after the daily prayers of the Muslims. It is obvious that the situation is very tense in the coming weeks, until April 19, when will be celebrated the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel (independence Day), and the Palestinian Arabs mark «Nakba Day» (day of catastrophe). It is expected that in independence Day will be announced about the opening of a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, which will obviously trigger a new wave of Arab protests.

Israel places the responsibility for possible casualties on Hamas – as the organizer of mass protests, and how to structure that controls the Gaza strip over the past almost 11 years.

We will remind that on March 27, three Arabs, armed with knives and grenades, infiltrated from the Gaza strip into Israel. They were detained near a military base «Zeelim» in the Negev, about 15 km from the border with the Gaza strip. Investigation of the circumstances of the incident and military sources say that «it is a serious failure that causes the alarm.» In addition, in recent days were thwarted several attempts of illegal entry into Israeli territory of Arabs from the Gaza strip.

As of midnight, March 29, for the period of Passover, in a state of lockdown Arab territories in Judea and Samaria. Closed checkpoint on the border between Israel and Gaza. The lockdown will be lifted at midnight on 7 April. During this period, entry into Israel will be permitted only in humanitarian cases, with the consent of the representatives of the coordinator of government activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

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«March of millions»: clashes on the border of the Gaza strip 30.03.2018

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