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Mashal in an interview with «al-Jazeera» told about the purposes «of the intifada al-Quds»

The Chairman of the Politburo of the «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas) Khalid Mashaal in an interview with the Qatari television channel «al Jazeera» told about the purposes «of the intifada al-Quds», which is headed and controlled by his organization.

According to Mashal, the «uprising» three purposes: 1) deterrence of Jewish settlers, 2) the cessation of attacks on the al-Aqsa mosque and other Muslim Holy places in al-Quds (Jerusalem), 3) make it clear to the Israelis that their life is not secure and not stable, which, ultimately, should lead to «ending the occupation».

Mashaal said that the current phase of the intifada is historical, as currently there is a consolidation of the «national forces» in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The refusal of the uprising, according to the leader of the terrorist organization Hamas, is fraught for «the Palestinian people» by the loss of al-Aqsa and al-Quds.

Khalid Mashaal said that the success of the intifada need not only of «national consolidation», but also the overall management of all Palestinian factions and organizations, including security services. He called on the Palestinian authority and Mahmoud Abbas to support the rebellion, because, in his words, «it is not about fighting authority, but about the struggle against the occupation».

Further Mashaal was accused of lying U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, who during his visits to the middle East region and negotiations with the PNA said that the intifada will lead to the collapse of the Abbas government.

Hamas leader stressed that over the last two decades of negotiations with Israel have not yielded any result, «the second intifada (intifada al-Aqsa», which began in the fall of 2000) has led to the fact that «Sharon was forced to withdraw from the Gaza Strip».

H. Mashaal said that Hamas will do everything possible to continue the current intifada and called on other factions to participate in the common struggle. He said that the methods of Israel to counter the rebellion will only serve to «accelerate» the intifada and the fact that «will be released gin from a bottle».

Mashaal also spoke about the readiness of Hamas to establish a unified Palestinian government and to achieve national reconciliation under the mediation of Saudi Arabia (we will remind that earlier the mediator in such negotiations was Egypt). He assured that «Gas is not a hostage of Hamas».

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Khalid Mashaal. Brief curriculum vitae

Khaled Mashal was born in 1956 in the village of Silwad (a suburb of Ramallah, Samaria). In 1967, together with his family was deported to Jordan, whence the family soon moved to Kuwait, where Khalid had lived until 1990.

In Kuwait, Khalid graduated from high school and University, education – physics teacher. Back at University, Mashal headed the student’s «Islamic bloc» in 1987 was one of the founders of the Palestinian student group, soon transformed into Hamas, dedicated to the creation of the «Islamic state of Palestine» on the entire territory of Israel.

In 1990 he moved to Jordan, where he organized a series of bombings directed against Israeli citizens. In 1996 he was elected Chairman of the «Politburo» of the terrorist organization Hamas.

In 1997 the Israeli security services attempted his destruction, Mashal was poisoned, however, Jordanian security services arrested the «liquidators» who in exchange for their lives Israel has released from prison Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and conveyed to Amman the antidote to the Mashal.

In 1999, the Jordanian authorities, at the request of Israel, refused him refuge, Mashaal moved to Damascus (Syria), where until recently housed his headquarters. In 2012, amid the civil war in Syria, because of possible persecution by the regime of Assad, Mashaal moved to Qatar.

Khalid Mashaal is a list of the most dangerous terrorists wanted by Israeli security services. However, in December 2012, shortly after operation «pillar of Cloud» Israeli authorities did not prevent his visit to Gaza and did not attempt his destruction.

Mashal in an interview with «al-Jazeera» told about the purposes «of the intifada al-Quds» 07.12.2015

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