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Mass brawl in Corsica between local residents and Muslims. Details

On Saturday evening, August 13, on the beach near the village of Cisco (the Northern part of the French island of Corsica) there was a mass fight between local residents and visiting Muslims.

Initially the Minister of internal Affairs of France Bernard Cazeneuve in a statement on the incident did not mention that the clash involved Muslims. Was only told what happened, «a brutal fight between local residents and a dozen people from another country.» In a statement, the interior Minister noted that the hospital of Bastia (Upper Corsica) brought four of the victims in the fighting that was burned three vehicles, then the area of the incident was a violation of the traffic. To restore order had to use hundreds of police and gendarmes.

French media on Sunday morning, reported one tegeleriana and that during the fight it was used edged weapons.

Sunday evening became known for more details. According to Le Monde, it all started with the fact that a group of Muslims from North Africa noticed the photographers who shot them women bathing in a «burkini». There was a scandal. One of the local teenagers (his family moved to Corsica from the Czech Republic but been living in Cisco) started shooting the events on video, and Africans attacked him. Started the brawl, during which Africans, armed with axes and harpoon (in another version, a gun for underwater hunting), the local attacked, wounding two of them. Soon appeared on the beach the teenagers ‘ relatives, clashed with a group of Muslims. Cars of Africans were burned, in total, on the beach were three families of Muslims, who came in three cars). The unrest lasted for several hours, the confrontation was used stones and bottles. One local resident, whose son was beaten by the Africans, was seriously injured. Were injured and two Africans. It is also reported that injured a pregnant woman. In total, according to French media reports, the hospital delivered five injured, two of them were in a state of moderate severity.

When the incident became known in Bastia, in the city crowd, about 500 people. Participants of the spontaneous protest demanded from local authorities to take immediate measures to prevent the beaches of Muslims who do not observe accepted rules of conduct.

Recall that recently in Cannes, a law was passed banning the wearing of Muslim garments closed, including on the beaches. In Corsica such restrictions do not apply. But since 2011, France has adopted the so-called «veil law», which prohibits covered face in public.

Last month Corsican separatists from the national liberation Front of Corsica of 22 October» (FLNC) threatened terrorist organization «Islamic state» revenge in the event of a terrorist attack in Corsica. «You should know that any attack on our people entail a strong and devoid of any sentimentality, the answer is», – was said in a statement published in local newspaper Corse Matin. FLNC demanded that Muslims living in Corsica, «to take a stand and condemn radical Islam and refrain from highlighted prominent religious gestures and declare the suspicious Muslims.»

For the last time on the island of Corsica, many times there is conflict between locals and Muslim immigrants. In December 2015 in the capital of Corsica – Ajaccio – passed anti-Arab pogroms. The reason was the actions of a group of immigrants from North Africa, who built a fire in one of the districts of the city in order to lure rescuers into a trap and attack them.

The population of Corsica – according to various sources, 300-350 thousand people. Approximately 10% of the population is a relatively recent Muslim immigrants from North Africa.

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Mass brawl in Corsica between local residents and Muslims. Details 15.08.2016

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