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Mass protests in Iran: dozens dead, hundreds detained

As of January 2, aware of at least 22 dead in various incidents during the riots in Iranian cities. Among the dead are three police officers. The number of deaths of demonstrators at least two children. Hundreds of participants of opposition demonstrations, arrested only in Tehran for the last three days arrested more than 450 people.

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made the first statement about the protests going on for about a week in the Islamic Republic. «In the last days the enemies of Iran, using available money, weapons, political and military means, should be United,» Khamenei was quoted by the Iranian website PressTV. While Ali Khamenei said that «the spirit of courage, sacrifice and faith,» the Iranian people will not allow the enemies of the Islamic Republic to carry out their plans.

The head of the Revolutionary court of Iran Hojatoleslam Kazangarare Musa said that the detainees will be charged with rebellion, as they not only participated in the protest, but resorted to violence. According to Kazangarare, the organizers of the revolt are agents of foreign intelligence services.

The current wave of protests in Iran was the largest since 2009. The participants of peaceful demonstrations was first put forward economic demands, but then quickly moved on to political rhetoric and attempts to seize police stations and military bases, notes

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in the first days of anti-government demonstrations defending the right to freedom of demonstrations, first spoke out against taking to the streets opponents of the regime of the ayatollahs. «We cannot allow our country was in the position, which can be used by enemies. I call on the Iranians, primarily youth, to be vigilant. The middle East region, and with it our country is going through a difficult period,» he said.

What kind of enemies there is a speech, has explained the Deputy chief of the General staff Brigadier General Massoud jazayeri. According to him, the speeches of the protesters are arrogant foreign States seeking to destabilize the situation in Iran. «The US and the international Zionism are constantly trying to foment unrest in Iran. This is an attempt to divert attention from the situation in America, protests against the policy of the White house», – quotes the commander Press TV channel. The General also said that the us and Zionist «provocations» will eventually hit the enemies of Iran.

Earlier, Iran’s government has blocked access to Instagram and Telegram messenger. At the same time in available for the Iranians, there is a growing social media campaign «Iran is not Syria», the initiators of which calls to avoid escalation of the current confrontation in the civil war.

Mass protests in Iran: dozens dead, hundreds detained 02.01.2018

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