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May 9 became a national holiday in Israel

Wednesday, July 26, at the plenary session of the Knesset was approved in final reading the Law on may 9, deputies from the party «Israel Our home» Oded forera. The legislative initiative was approved unanimously: it was supported by 53 members of Parliament.

From now on, the Day of Victory over the Nazis in world war II will be officially celebrated in Israel on may 9 at the state level and it will make the registry public holidays.

The press service of the Yisrael Beiteinu notes that despite the artificially created obstacles to the promotion of this bill with the representatives of some parties, it was adopted in an unprecedented short period of 4 months.

«Today is a very important day for me. Now we can be sure that the memory of the victory over Nazism and the heroism of Jews who fought on the fronts of the Second world war will not be lost ever. For veterans, including those living in Israel, this date – may 9, has a symbolic meaning. It is our moral duty to give them honor for saving humanity from Nazism and to perpetuate the memory of the great victory, which for Jews and Israel is of particular importance,» said Oded Forer.

May 9 became a national holiday in Israel 27.07.2017

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