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Mcfarland vs. Cruz: carpet bombing ISIS – not our method

Sean Mcfarland, commander of military operations against terrorists in Syria and Iraq, strongly criticized the concept of carpet bombing ISIS explained in detail why he considers this tactic impractical.

About it the General-the Lieutenant of the U.S. army said yesterday during a press conference in Baghdad in response to the question of the interviewer news service CNN.

Mcfarland stated that this kind of bombing, the victims of which will be not only terrorists, but also many civilians, is incompatible with American values.

The General did not mention the name of the author of this idea, but the article notes that this practice be required to apply Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, a candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party who won before victory in the Caucuses in Iowa.

Recall that at the end of last month, Cruz has put forward this idea during the debates, stating: «You want to know what is carpet bombing? This is what we did during the Gulf war. A hundred, a thousand air strikes every day – and the enemy is completely destroyed.»

However, this material is given in the commentary of experts who claim that the Senator is mistaken: at the time of these hostilities, the U.S. air force will clearly define target using laser guidance, thus minimizing losses among the civilian population.

«We, citizens of the United States of America, including professional soldiers, pilots and sailors, strictly follows its founding principles and wage war according to the laws of war. It’s not what you win, it is important – how,» claimed Mcfarland.

The General also said that Russian troops used uncontrolled method of bombing, which led to many casualties among the civilian population in northwestern Syria.

Recall that the winner of the primary election among Republicans in Iowa was Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, who got 27.7 per cent, of the vote – more than the «highest rated» billionaire Donald trump, who was forced to settle for only 24.3% . All leading TV channels of America reported on the victory cruise to completion of the counting of votes.

Mcfarland vs. Cruz: carpet bombing ISIS – not our method 02.02.2016

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