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Media about the role of Israelis in the distribution of fake dirt on trump

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed published an article about the Israeli Yoni Ariel, who purchased from a certain Italian entrepreneur dirt on the President of the United States Donald trump and Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and gave this information to journalists.

The materials purchased Ariel for $ 9000, it was alleged that Tillerson had paid for his post at the White house the 1.4 billion euros that went to Trump.

Buzzfeed reports that these documents were examined by experts and was in fact skillfully executed forgery. In the article referred to, the journalists write about who is behind this slander.

It is reported, in particular, that this edition was offered for 15,000 dollars to buy a video, where women talk about sexual adventures of the tramp, and also requested 2 million dollars for damning information about the US President and his wife Melania. The editors of the site from these transactions declined, the article says.

Note that the 60-year-old Yoni Ariel, born in South Africa and married to a US citizen and consultant on online media. Previously, he was a journalist, political consultant and fighter against apartheid. Buy dirt Corrado Passati he came through a former Israeli Ambassador to Italy Gideon Meir, who held the post during the period from 2006 to 2011.

Passati hinted that the documents supposedly revealing trump and Tillerson, he received from security officials and the Italian police. According to the contained information, the oil company ExxonMobil, which until recently was led by current U.S. Secretary of state, in mid-June 2016 translated the Chinese company MCC Holdings $ 1.6 billion, and the next day she, in turn, took 1.4 billion euros of company Trump Corporation, owned by Donald Trump, leads to the suspicion about the actual purchase of the post, which is currently Tillerson.

The head of MCC Holdings Luigi Forino confirmed in an interview with reporters that was doing business with Exxon, but declined to disclose details.

The article points out that Ariel was not trying to benefit from the purchased documents, but instead provided information to journalists and activists of leftist organizations in the United States.

Recall that in early February, in social networks began to run rumors about corruption, which was suspected Tillerson and the tramp, and several respectable publications, among them were Bloomberg, Buzzfeed and The Washington Post, received from Ariel with the very documents. In examining these papers, they came to the conclusion about the unreliability of the information contained therein.

In addition, banks HSBC and JPMorgan Chase, through which allegedly transferred the money from Exxon in the company of the tramp through a Chinese intermediary, said that such transactions they concluded. ExxonMobil and the Trump Organization declined to comment on the situation, sending journalists to the White house.

Thursday, March 16, the Israeli newspaper «Haaretz» published an article entitled «the Russian money, secret meetings and attempt of Israelis to dump trump,» which outlines the story and quotes the comment of Ariel. He believes that false documents may be part of a Ponzi scheme, but it is not excluded, what constitutes «a smear campaign with the purpose to paralyze and destroy the American political system.»

Media about the role of Israelis in the distribution of fake dirt on trump

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