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Media: all three suicide bombers in Istanbul were immigrants from the former Soviet Union

Turkish and Arab media have published information according to which terrorists carried out the June 28 attack on the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, were natives of the countries of the former USSR.

At Ataturk airport after the attack. Photos

According to the Lebanese TV channel «al-Mayadin», the terrorists were natives of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Dagestan (Russian Federation). Currently, the police conduct a search in the apartment where they lived, reports the channel.

In turn, the website of the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet writes that one of the perpetrators of the attack were a Russian citizen, a native of Chechnya Osman Vaginov, arrived in Turkey from the Syrian city of raqqa, captured «Islamic state».

Earlier it was reported that two of the three terrorists – natives of Central Asia, probably Uzbekistan.

The taxi driver who brought to the airport of the terrorists, claims that consider them to be ordinary passengers-foreigners. According to him, the passengers talked among themselves during the trip, in a foreign language (possibly Russian), and he did not understand anything of their conversation.

Official Ankara has yet to name the terrorists and don’t publish information about their origin.

The victims were 42 people. Among those killed at least 10 foreign nationals (including from Ukraine, Iran and the Palestinian authority) and three people with dual nationality (Turkish and any other country). In total, the actions of the terrorists, about 240 people were injured. Approximately 100 of them still remain in hospitals.

According to the Israeli foreign Ministry, Israelis are among the dead and wounded.

The attack was made by three suicide bomber. Upon entering the terminal building, possibly through different entrances, and close to racks Luggage check, they opened fire with machine guns «Kalashnikov», and then detonated explosive devices. According to some reports, the terrorists exploded in the terminal building several hand grenades. Police were at the airport, tried to neutralize the terrorists before they blew themselves up. One of the officers knocked the terrorist to the floor and tried to defuse, but the gunman managed to put in action the explosive device.

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. Turkish authorities blamed the attack on «Islamic state».

Turkish edition of CNN reported that in early June, the special services of Turkey warned about the intention of the organization «Islamic state» to carry out an attack on the Ataturk airport.

In connection with the tragedy hear criticism of the Turkish security services that do not provide adequate control in the area where you will find the rooms before departure. The specialists recognize that in many airports around the world have the same problem: incoming don’t check at all, or limited to the «face control».

Media: all three suicide bombers in Istanbul were immigrants from the former Soviet Union 30.06.2016

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