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Media: an agent of «Mossad» seduced high-ranking French officials

French weekly Le Canard Enchaine published an article, according to which the agent of Israeli foreign intelligence service «Mossad» in the past two years has managed to seduce four high-ranking officials in positions of security.

The publication agent of «Mossad» is described as a beautiful woman, aged about 40 years working in strategic consulting and regularly takes part in conferences on defence topics.

Captivated by the charms of the Israeli woman fell, according to the publication, the Director of the secret Department in the Ministry of defence of France, as well as senior officials in the foreign Ministry, the interior Ministry and the Ministry of the Prime Minister.

Under pressure from the French secret services all four men were suspended, and then transferred to other less important positions.

Thus, despite the pressure the French counter-intelligence, the authorities in Paris refused excitation of criminal proceedings on espionage.

We will remind that in March of 2017, the newspaper Le Monde claimed that the agents «Mossad» with the help of bribery was trying to convert their French colleagues to make them double agents. Recruitment took place during the joint Franco-Israeli operation to gather information about chemical weapons and ballistic missiles in the Syrian army.

Media: an agent of «Mossad» seduced high-ranking French officials 08.02.2018

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