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Media: businessman Arnon Milchan is suspected of paying bribes to the Prime Minister

Police investigators questioned a well-known businessman Arnon Milchen as a suspect in a case of 1,000, announced the Tenth channel ITV with reference to anonymous sources close to the investigation. A group of police officers headed by chief of the investigation Department major-General Meni Yitzhaki.

According to published information, the questioning took place in London and lasted more than three hours. The Walla argues that it is more than one interrogation that took place in recent weeks. Milchan is suspected that in exchange for expensive gifts to the Prime Minister, he addressed him with requests to assist in the promotion of its business interests in Israel. The police suspects that we are talking about actual bribery, the head of government.

The approval of the anonymous sources referenced in the Tenth channel, as well as some other Israeli media, the testimony Milena increased the suspicions against Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Attorney Boaz Ben-Tzur, representing the businessman, said: «Milena asked to Supplement his earlier given testimony, which he did, giving satisfactory answers. In the past and in the present Milchan operates strictly within the law without having the intention to cause damage to the state».

From the environment, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed the following: «Any attempt to give the unworthy the shade of a long and deep friendship of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Arnon Milchen is baseless and doomed to failure. We repeat: nothing will happen, because nothing happened.»

Earlier Melcena at least twice interrogated as a witness in the case 1000. In this case, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of receiving illicit gifts from Milchina and some other businessmen.

In his testimony, Milchan did not deny that did expensive gifts to Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu. According to the Second channel, the businessman constantly gave the Prime Minister and his wife, cigars, champagne and jewels, and such gifts, he only did spouses Netanyahu.

Milchan claimed that the cost of these gifts for a businessman of his level is not significant. According to him, the checks and receipts were not kept as evidence of gifts, and in the framework of the accounting accounts.

During interrogation Milchan claimed to have asked nothing in return from Netanyahu, claiming that he had no business interests in Israel.

According to the information portal Ynet, during interrogation, held last week in London, the investigators reported Melcena that he is a suspect.

According to a Ynet correspondent Ali Sir, in the discussion of the case of 1000 investigators, the police became clear that it is impossible to gather evidence sufficient to indict the Prime Minister, in that case, if none of the businessmen that had given him the gifts, is not a suspect. In such a situation it is almost impossible to refute the assertion of Netanyahu that the gifts presented to him and his wife in the friendly relations with businessmen.

Recall that in the case of 1000 Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of illegal obtaining of material goods. The police reported that on the case being investigated suspicions of bribery, but it is unclear which of the defendants they are charged with.

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Media: businessman Arnon Milchan is suspected of paying bribes to the Prime Minister 06.09.2017

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