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Media: check manual IAI in the US are blocked because of their ties with the «spy»

Specialized American publication Defense News has published the reason why the former and current representatives of the leadership of the Israeli defense concern «Aviation industry» (IAI, TAA) for several years, are unable to obtain entry visas in the United States, a major market for the product group.

For the first time information about the leadership issues in IAI with visas in the United States reported in the summer of 2016, the newspaper «kalkalist» published information that the General Director of the group Yossi Weiss was denied a visa without explanation.

According to Defense News, thus the American special services «revenge» concern for its Association with sentenced to 13 years in prison for espionage Steward David Nozette.

Nasett, a specialist in missile and satellite technology, former judge of the U.S. government after leaving public service, he founded a consulting firm. In the period from 1998 to 2008 he was employed by a concern to promote the production of IAI in the United States. In addition, he advised the Israeli space Agency.

In 2007, U.S. authorities began an investigation against Nozette on suspicion of tax evasion and the court sentenced him to pay a fine in the amount of 200 thousand dollars.

In 2009, he agreed to give secret information to an FBI agent who posed as an employee of the Israeli secret service «Mossad». During the first meeting Nozette said, glad to have the opportunity to help Israel. He agreed to take remuneration in the amount of $ 50,000, but then need to increase this amount.

According to the prosecution, Nozette who participated in the program «Star wars» gave «the Israelites» about the secret workings to intercept the massive missile attack. «I’m supposed to have, at least, one percent of the cost of development, that is millions of dollars,» he told the FBI agents.
Noset – holder of a PhD from mit. He had the highest degree of access to classified information. Throughout his career, the scientist worked at the U.S. Department of defense, NASA, Department of energy, and was part of the space Council of the US administration.

It must be emphasized that in fact Israel was not involved in this scandalous affair: all contacts, which were conducted by the 54-year-old Nozette were the sole representatives security services USA.

In the leadership of the IAI also point out that I asked to help to sell Israeli products in the US, not to us secret information.

Despite this, all attempts to achieve IAI visas for Weiss so far has failed, including after a change of presidential administration in the United States.

Media: check manual IAI in the US are blocked because of their ties with the «spy» 27.10.2017

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