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Media: Colombian mercenaries the UAE arrived to the frontline in Yemen

The UAE sent in the Yemen division of Colombian mercenaries, according to the news Agency France Presse. A battalion of American soldiers was established in the UAE in 2010.

According to the latest data, 300 Colombians take part in the fighting in Yemen as part of a contingent sent to the UAE in that country.

UAE try to avoid the scandal caused by the participation of mercenary soldiers in battle, and limit their exposure to the best three months.

Recently it was reported that in Yemen killed six Colombians and their Australian commander.

It should be noted that the article on Colombian mercenaries in the UAE was published in October 2015 in El Tiempo in mind the arrival of Latin American soldiers in Aden. The project employed foreigners to train special forces in the UAE and ensuring the safety of the oil industry started in 2010, it was developed by Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater.

The New York Times November 25, wrote that in the contingent also includes Panamanian, Chilean and Salvadoran military, and that they are in the service in a special unit.

Oriental Express noted that for the application of this division in the battles on the territory of Yemen, the UAE was required to overcome objections of Saudi Arabia protesting against mercenaries who were non-Muslims.

Media: Colombian mercenaries the UAE arrived to the frontline in Yemen 19.12.2015

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