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Media: Egypt is trying to revive talks between Fatah and Hamas

Published in the London Arab newspaper «al-Arabi al-Jadid» reported that the leadership of the Egyptian intelligence Agency this week took a number of actions aimed at resuming negotiations between the Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

The publication, citing sources in Hamas said that the main problem is to reach agreement pay Palestinian authority salaries and wage arrears, officials and the militants in Gaza are Hamas activists.

But at the end of December, Hamas leader in Gaza, the head of the government sector Yahya Sanwar called the main another problem: the fact that the PA supported Israel’s demand for disarming Hamas militants and the closure of the «tunnel of Jihad.»

In December, Palestinian media reported that the leaders of Fatah and Hamas came to an agreement on the meeting of Palestinian authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Chairman of Hamas ‘ political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh. The meeting was to be held in Cairo. However, until now the date of its conduct and format is not consistent.

According to the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah, which acts as the guarantor of Egypt, the administrative management of the sector and control over border crossings in Gaza from December 1, was to convey to the security forces of the Palestinian authority, headed by Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas. The Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sanwar after an emergency meeting on the evening of 29 November stated that the transfer of control is delayed by 10 days.

Later, after trump statements about the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital intra-Palestinian talks were suspended, although she, and the other side made strong statements about the unity in the new round of confrontation with Israel.

One of the main problems of dialogue between Hamas and Fatah was the fact that Hamas refuses to disarm its military wing «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam.» Deputy head of Hamas in Gaza, Khalil al-Haya stated categorically a few weeks ago: «the Weapon of resistance – a red line, for which there can be discussions.» Moreover, as emphasized by al-Haya, Hamas is going to arm their supporters not only in Gaza and «West Bank», as long as the will to continue the Israeli occupation.

In October, at the talks in Cairo had agreed that until December 1, Hamas will give the national unity government administration sector. Also until December 1, Hamas agreed to transfer to the Fatah control over border crossings in the Gaza strip (the Erez crossing and Kerem Shalom crossings on the border with Israel and the checkpoint «Rafah» on the border with Egypt). Under the agreement, the border crossings will control the «presidential guard» of Mahmoud Abbas (currently, the transfer of control initiated, but not completed). In addition, on the border with Egypt may resume its activities the mission of the European Union. The agreement specifically required that the checkpoint «Rafah» requires restructuring and expansion.

The agreement also provides that on the territory of the Gaza strip will serve about three thousand Palestinian policemen subordinate to the PNA. But nothing was said about how these forces will interact with the police and the border guard service of Hamas, part «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam» military wing of Hamas. Questions about military control over Gaza and activities «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam» at this stage was not discussed.

December 1, the delegations of Fatah and Hamas were supposed to meet again in Cairo to discuss the implementation of the agreements reached and to move to the next stage of the negotiation process. However, that meeting was postponed and a new date has not yet named.

Negotiations on a new administrative structure Gases and the maintenance of the apparatus will continue at least until February 2018, until then, employees should receive regular payments, not less than their current salary, mentioned in the original text of the agreement.

Hamas seized power in Gaza in June 2007 after an armed coup. Since then, several attempts of reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah, but so far they did not succeed. The failure of the current negotiations could provoke a new crisis in Gaza and a possible military confrontation with Israel, Hamas.

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Media: Egypt is trying to revive talks between Fatah and Hamas 12.01.2018

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