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Media: foreign Ministry officials against the release of Israel from UNESCO

According to the 10-th channel ITV, professional diplomats oppose the decision of the head of the government on the Israeli withdrawal from UNESCO.

The material of the Barack Ravid it was noted that in the news edition of the 10th channel there is a Protocol meeting held at the foreign Ministry three days later, after the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that «Israel has nothing to seek in the theatre of the absurd, which has become UNESCO» and two weeks after he ordered the foreign Ministry to prepare for the process of withdrawal from this international organization.

The meeting at the foreign Ministry chaired by the Director of the Yuval Rotem, who is responsible for preparing the exit of Israel from UNESCO. From the protocols it follows that the professional diplomats in leadership positions in the foreign Ministry, believe that the country’s leaders need to think again about the advisability of this step. Diplomats warn that if Israel out of UNESCO, it will be extremely difficult to return to the organization.

Professional diplomats believe that if Israel wants to remain in observer status, which will simplify the return process for membership in the future, the Jewish state will have to enlist the support of the majority of member States, including Arab and Muslim countries. The chances of success with this vote Israel miserable. So foreign Ministry officials warn that the United States after the withdrawal from the organization will remain as an observer, and Israel will be outside of the organization.

The report noted that the new Director General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay is currently in Washington to find a solution that would allow US to stay in the organization.

October 12, the state Department announced the U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO in connection with the biased attitude toward Israel. On the same day the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gave the corresponding order to the Israeli foreign Ministry. Netanyahu praised the US President Donald trump for «bold and moral decision» to leave the organization turned into a «theatre of the absurd».

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Media: foreign Ministry officials against the release of Israel from UNESCO 01.11.2017

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