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Media: Hamas gave Egypt information about terrorists in Gaza and Sinai

The Egyptian newspaper «Al-Shuruk» reports that the Hamas leadership is handed over to the intelligence services of Egypt information about Salafi terrorist groups operating in the Sinai and in the Gaza strip.

Citing sources in the security structures of Hamas «Al-Shuruk» writes that the information was passed during the recent meetings in Cairo.

It is also reported that one of the representatives of the political leadership of Hamas will always be in Egypt to coordinate between Gaza and Cairo.

About a month ago, the newspaper Al-Monitor wrote that Israel, Egypt and the terrorist group Hamas supports indirect cooperation in the fight against militants of the «Islamic state» operating in the Sinai Peninsula and the Salafis in the Gaza strip.

The publication reminded that Egypt and the Hamas leadership began to cooperate about a year ago, when Cairo, exerting economic pressures on the sector, has forced Hamas to act against Salafi terrorist groups based in the Gaza strip and associated with the «Islamic state».

In June of this year, Egypt agreed to assist the Gaza strip economic assistance, including to supply diesel fuel for the only power plant in the sector, as well as to open a check point «Rafah» on the border between the Gaza strip and Egypt.

In response, Hamas has pledged to fight militants operating in the Sinai Peninsula and threatening Egypt’s security and strengthen the fight against Salafists in Gaza. Hamas also cooperated with the Egyptian security services in the fight against weapons smuggling in the area of «Rafah».

In addition, the Hamas leadership has agreed to give the Egyptians to Gaza terrorists, mostly Salafi, who is wanted by the Egyptian security services. Author Al-Monitor, Shlomi Eldar argued that some of the names in this list were transferred to Cairo by Israeli security services.

Recall that the Salafi group associated with the terrorist organization «Islamic state» is regularly taken on responsibility for the rocket attacks on Israeli territory from the Gaza strip.

On 17 August a suicide bomber blew himself up at the checkpoint «Rafah» on the border between the Gaza strip and Egypt. The Hamas leadership have been blamed on the Salafist group associated with the «Islamic state», and stated that the investigation of this terrorist act will strengthen the ties between Gaza and Egypt.

Media: Hamas gave Egypt information about terrorists in Gaza and Sinai 14.09.2017

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