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Media: Hamas leaders left Qatar

Published in the Jordanian newspaper «al-Rad» reports, citing Palestinian sources, that Hamas leaders, on the expulsion has been requested by Saudi Arabia and its allies left the territory of Qatar.

Most sources state that it was made under pressure from the Qatari authorities. However, a member of the leadership of the factions in the Gaza strip Ahmad Yusuf says that Hamas did it voluntarily, to ease the state of Qatar.

The leaders of the group moved to Lebanon, Malaysia and Turkey. It is not excluded that this list will be added and other countries. According to the report, Hamas is willing to transfer from Qatar and the Politburo in General, if it is to contribute to overcoming the crisis.

«Al-Rad» notes that among left Qatar and Salah al-Arouri. In 2015, he left Turkey. His removal from this country was the restoration of relations between Turkey and Israel. According to the newspaper, he has now moved to Malaysia.

Media: Hamas leaders left Qatar 08.06.2017

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