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Media: Hamas militants have carried out another test firing of 12 missiles towards the sea

On Friday morning, December 25, the militants of the «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (armed wing of Hamas) issued 12 missiles towards the sea. Based on available data, the most intensive missile tests carried out by Hamas militants over the past year and a half (since the end of antiterrorist operation «Indestructible rock»).

It is possible that in this case the Hamas militants had the multiple launch rocket system.

The fact of the missile launch from Central and southern Gaza strip towards the sea was first reported by Israeli website This post is quoted by many in the Palestinian media, in particular the agencies and Safa Maan.

The IDF took no action. Comment from the military were reported.

Previous rocket tests in Gaza were recorded on November 10-11.

In 2015 it was recorded less than 30 rocket attacks on Israeli territory from Gaza, in response to these provocations, the IDF is 16 times strike back. While Hamas continues to launch rockets towards the sea, checking the range and accuracy of new missiles, at such launches, the IDF did not respond.

In 2014, from Gaza to Israel was released about 5 thousand rockets, almost 3.700 of them exploded in Israeli territory – 14 people were killed in rocket and mortar attacks, about 170 were injured. It’s more than ever for the year, and more than in the previous five years combined. 90% of that number of rockets were fired from Gaza during the IDF anti-terrorist operation «protective edge» in July-August 2014. More than 800 rockets flying at Israeli towns, were shot down missile defense system «Iron dome.»

During operation «protective edge» Hamas has demonstrated its ability to fire rockets from Gaza almost all the regions of Israel, including Jerusalem, tel Aviv and Haifa.

As a result of «operation enduring rock» missile capability of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza had not been exhausted. Israel has not carried out the demilitarization of the Gaza. Currently Hamas is actively engaged in the replenishment of the missile Arsenal and from time to time carries out tests of new missiles, launching them towards the sea. The IDF on this type of test does not react.

Media: Hamas militants have carried out another test firing of 12 missiles towards the sea 25.12.2015

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