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Media: Hamas militants have planned an assassination attempt on Netanyahu. Details

The Walla News website published extracts from the protocols of interrogation of the militants of the terrorist group, who lived in the village of Abu Dis and other Arab areas of East Jerusalem, planned with the support of Hamas from Gaza a series of attacks on Israeli territory. In the publication it is claimed that these militants, among other things, planned the assassination of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

The publication deals with the members of the group who in early January had been charged with terrorist activities.

The group was led by 25-year-old Ahmad Azzam, a native of the village of Yasuf, who lived recently in Abu dis. Two years ago he was released from prison, «Ramon». During the detention Azam tried to get in touch with Hamas militants in Gaza to obtain funding for the activities of its cells.

During interrogation, Ahmad Azam told that the militants of Hamas who served with him in prison «Ramon», suspected that he is a decoy, and refused to discuss his plans. They also said that in the event of disclosure of plans by the Israeli special services, they will not be able to be released as part of a new deal to exchange prisoners. In the end, his «supervisor» was appointed Ahmad Saad, one of the Hamas militants who took part in the undermining of the 20th bus in Jerusalem in 2002, which killed 12 Israelis. Saad helped him out on the activists of Hamas in the Gaza strip.

In August 2015 Ahmad Basics of using the application «Telegrams» and e-mail contacted a «supervisor» by the name of «Abu Amar from Gaza». From him he received instructions on making explosives and explosive devices, as well as the money needed for the purchase of chemicals.

«The curator» from Gaza, paying the rent for a laboratory in Abu Dis, and the purchase of chemicals for the manufacture of explosives, Azam promised to pay five thousand shekels for a kilogram of explosives.

With the permission of «curator» Ahmad Azam began to recruit people in his cell. One of his assistants was a 22-year-old student of Abu Dis University khazzes of Shanduka.

Khazzes of Sanduka, who studied at the University of Arabic language and literature, was recruited in November 2015. Azam promised him money to help him buy the chemicals required for the production of explosives. Sanduka during interrogation, told that he understood, which can be used chemicals, and so hesitated for a long time before, to give consent.

Khazzes of Shanduka purchased in pharmacies and greenhouses in the area of Jerusalem and Abu Ghosh, potassium, hydrogen peroxide and mineral fertilizers, which are then delivered to the territory of the Palestinian authority.

Sanduka also claimed in a talk with the SHABAK investigators that he tried to refuse a request to deliver Azam in his car with Palestinian territories to Israel of suicide bombers, but later agreed, warning that is associated with a greater risk.

The question the investigators about where it was planned to carry out terrorist attacks, Sanduka reported that he worked in one of the security firms that provide security at the stadium «arena» and in the great synagogue. He also participated in the installation of grandstands at the stadium, which was supposed to make the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Sanduka, mounting the rostrum, he thought that she was perfect for the implementation of the plan. Question for investigators, why the plan was not implemented, Sanduka replied that «he is not a specialist in explosive devices» and stressed that it «was his personal plan, which was not discussed with the leadership.»

According to the investigation, Sanduka, resigned from the security company two months ago, also checked other targets for terrorist attacks. In particular, the shopping center «Malcha» in Jerusalem, restaurants and cafés in the port of Jaffa.

According to the investigation, Ahmad Azam have also recruited a Bedouin from the Negev, supporting the activities of the «Islamic state». The Bedouin was to become a suicide bomber. In case if he survived, the questioning was ready to take responsibility for other terrorist attacks. However, the Bedouin were willing to act solely on behalf of the IG. Azam reported this condition to the curators in Gaza. The idea they didn’t like. The Azam replied that he doesn’t have to involve Hamas militants.

Media: Hamas militants have planned an assassination attempt on Netanyahu. Details 21.02.2016

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